Is it possible for a woman to have too much accessories? No way! We want to adorn ourselves for different occasions or to be simply beautiful every day. Hair accessories can turn a subtle hairdo into glamorous or vice versa; they can make you shine or ruin a fashionable hairstyle. What hair accessories are trendy this year? There's a wide variety to choose from.

First of all you can not deny the trend of headbands. Even celebrities love this simple way to look stylish and prevent their hair from falling on their faces. What headband should you add to your collection? Choose a wide one with plenty of decorations: ribbons, beads, feathers or Swarovski crystals. All these things can make your look bright and individualistic. The headband can be used to either hold back hair or as a decoration when fringe is left to linger on forehead and the sides of a face. If you're not into shiny and glossy accessories, use a fine scarf as a headband. This will help you to create a breezy summer image.

Current fashion tends to leave hair to fly in the wind to create somewhat of a little messy and carefree look. How to decorate this type of hairstyle? Hairsticks and huge hairpins can help you hold and adore the hair, but also to keep it unconstrained. Forget strict hairdos! Use hair accessories to decorate your hair, but not to stick it together. Jeweled hairpins are the most fashionable as they give you a glamorous but naughty look.

What accessories to choose for a special occasion hairdo? As vintage side-swept waves are back, you just have to hold them in one side. Get a sparkling barrette and tick it above one of your ears, and you will look like retro movie star! Remember that barrette color should stand out from your hair color and be the main accent. If you choose a very bright clip, you can leave all other jewelry at home. Too many accessories may look very tacky. If you don't like to wear glossy things, choose cloth flowers clips to hold your side-swept hair. This holiday-on-beach style is very fashionable as well. Hair combs can give your hairdo a glamorous touch on any occasion.

There are a lot of accessories made out of metal in current fashion, and ponytail holders are not an exception. Choose wraps with heavy adornments beaded on them. Once again, jeweled pieces are the most fashionable. Even cloth scrunchies are decorated with shiny beads and crystals. Do you think your short haircut can't be adorned with hair accessories? That's what bobby pins and clips are for! Give your look a playful detail for casual hairstyle or just a hint of glitter on special occasions.

No matter what hair accessories you choose, remember that vintage pieces are the most fashionable. Choose hair comb that looks like grandmother's legacy and you will be on top. Also remember that trendy hair style of this year shines with crystals. Even hair forks are decorated with vintage patterns and Swarovski crystals to stun and twinkle in hair.