.... Making Love (if you are a woman)
10) "There's a spider on the ceiling"
09) "The ceiling needs painting"
08) "Oh... Phil/ David/ Dylan" (when your partner's name is John/ Chris/ Michael)
07) "What are we doing after this?"
06) "My parents should be coming in any moment"
05) "Oops, I think we forgot to lock the front door"
04) "Wake me up when you're done"
03) "That's all?"
02) "Have you ever considered Viagra ?"
01) "Are you in?"

.... Making Love (if you are a man)
10) "Can we turn off the lights?"
09) "Have you ever heard of breasts implants?"
08) "Your underwear looks like my mum's"
07) "Am I your first?"
06) "Did you wash yourself before this?"
05) "I have to get back to work after this"
04) "These expired condoms sure save me some serious cash"
03) "Is it me or is it you?"
02) "One more time"
01) "Can I tie you up?"