Many parents induce their children to improve certain abilities. Some parents want their children to learn to play violin or piano, some parents wishes their babies to be the best athletes. What occupation to try if your child is cute, charming, expressive and talented in every way? Maybe, he or she can be a great child model? The happiest moment for all the parents is when they hear how great their children are. And what can get your baby more attention than posing for an advertisement or a role in a commercial? This is the good side of child modeling, but there are several things that both parents and children have to consider before taking chances in this field.

First of all: are you sure your child wants to be a top model? Remember that children have their own dreams and desires. What looks a great opportunity for grown-up can be boring or even repulsive activity for a child. Talk to your children before sending their pictures to child modeling agency. Even if your little angel can't wait to start a career, you should explain him or her that modeling is fun, but also difficult job to do. A child might have less time for sleep or play with friends. Traveling is great for children to see new places, meet new people and learn new things. But you also need to know, that because of traveling you child may have to skip school. Parents need to explain that a child will need to catch up with the class later and the big pressure in school is not good for one. Basically, by starting a career at junior age, children are forced to mature quickly while they should have their time. Don't push your baby into modeling, if he or she is not interested. A childhood is once in a lifetime; let your children enjoy it!

There are many modeling agencies that will be glad to represent your child. There are many jobs for child model to do: commercials, prints, movies and a lot of others, so there's great demand on children in modeling business. No matter how warm-hearted and professional looking people work in a modeling agency, check if it's reputable before you sign an agreement. If they ask you to pay in advance, you can be sure it's scam. A regular agency earns money by taking about 20 percent of your children payment. Children change too fast to make expensive pictures for their portfolio. If an agency requires you to pay for building precious portfolio, it's better to try another agency. Many agencies put children photos and videos online for all possible employers to see. Always check what websites contain your child information and make sure that they have nothing to do with sexual arousal. There are too many freaks these days to trust everyone.

If you are aware of all the things mentioned above and nothing can stop your child from being the new star, you need to know where to start. Every modeling agency or talent agent will ask you to bring some pictures of your child. You need to have at least three printed photos: a headshot, a headshot with happy smile and a full length shot. You don't have to hire a professional photographer to do this job; you can make these shots by yourself with any regular camera. Agencies expect to see an expressive child, so you can also make several additional shots while your child pretends to be surprised or dreamy. Most of children love to make funny expressions and they can get used to certain role easily. However not every one can relax when he or she notices a camera around. You can help your child to get used to posing for professionals by asking him or her to pose for you. Acting or dancing lessons can also help your child to improve certain abilities and feel more self-confident, but you need to know that it is rather optional. Parents are usually welcome to accompany children, but the child shouldn't be shy without the parents around him. He or she should be brave and communicative to work in modeling industry. If your child turns shy when meeting strangers, maybe you should think of other free time activities.

Parents support and advices are very important on everything children do. You should be the one the child comes to talk and complain. Children need to know that they can't be the best at all fields. If some company told your child that he is not suitable for them, you need to explain that it doesn't mean he or she is not suitable for modeling at all. Starting a model career in a junior age can give your child a big advantage later. A lot of well know actors and models started their way to fame on early childhood. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lindsay Lohan, Jim Carrey, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens are only a few celebrities to mention. However childhood should be carefree and funny time of one's life, not strict and hard routine to follow. Don't push your children into modeling if they rather go for baseball or simply want to play with friends on their free time.