Walking downtown on a Saturday afternoon just simply dressed. Jodhpur pants, harmony top, not so high heeled laced shoes and no make-up. Looking smart for sure, but definitely not dressed to kill.

On the street I meet some young love birds both in their mid-twenties from their looks. As I approach them I am just wishing I could get a chance to tell them how beautiful they look together.

After passing them, I look back just to find the guy staring at me. I simply smile and go on with my business but just when I am done with my shopping, I am captured by even more cute couple but the same weird scenario of the 'ogling eye' happens.

With my never ending urge to observe and learn, I am tempted to sit somewhere else and be an on-looker. I head to the next fast food café, grab a drink and begin my mission to discovery.

Amazingly, these scenarios are way too common. I begin to wonder, why would a man in the company of a beautiful lady be ogling?

Talking about that look which seems to say, "Damn, if only I could have her". Is it natural or some men's eyes are just insatiable?

I know most single girls/ladies dress with the intention of turning heads among many others but why should you give them the pleasure to the expense of the person you are with?

It's so obvious that no one would be pleased to see her man admiring another lady and vice versa. Why don't you just look what's before you and avoid the looking back?

Compelled by all these questions I politely asked this gentleman seated next to me about it. "Beauty is there to be appreciated and we are just doing that" that was his reply. Not wanting to be a bother, I stopped at that. But that didn’t mean I bought it. If you already have some one, shouldn’t it indicate that you have already appreciated her beauty, so why don't you stick to that?

I decided to ask one of my friends who actually confessed of having that habit but he concluded on saying, "The fact that we look doesn’t mean we want them". I am still not convinced. Why do you go to the extend of turning your eyes back if you are not wishing you could have them would seem to be falling back to one position 'natural reaction'

Allan and Barbara Pease give me the answer in their book 'Why men can only do one thing at a time and Women never stop talking'. Women have a peripheral vision while men have a tunnel vision.

Women's peripheral vision is more superior and they are able to stop things from afar, while men have to look at an object directly and somehow are forced to turn because they only saw at a closer range.

So now Lucia, are you saying “we both ogle but women are just lucky due to their vision”?

Well, I guess so… Just ogle but let me not catch you!