Is it your first date? You're probably wondering how to make a good impression and make everything perfect. It's not as hard as it may seem to be, all you have to do is plan every little detail and relax.

First of all, you should have an idea about where to go or what to do before you even ask her or him out for a date. If you get an immediate "yes", you can't just stand wondering where to ask the person, you should suggest time and place at the very moment.

The environment for the first date shouldn't be threatening. It may be rather awkward at first so you should pick a place easy to slip away from. A rock concert is exciting but definitely too loud, you wouldn't have time to simply meet each other. A very romantic place is not the best choice too; the atmosphere may get too intense. For the first time, simply have a coffee or visit a gallery, just make sure it's interesting and suitable for the person you're asking out.

Before buying tickets to a theatre, gallery, concert or a ball game, make sure she or he will enjoy it. You should do that a few days after asking for a date. The person will know you were thinking of her/him and are trying hard to make everything perfect. It's a small but important detail.

Have in mind that your attitude, conversation and attention to the person are a lot more important than activity.

You may plan something original: a picnic with wine, a luscious feast and dessert. Don't forget to make food yourself, it's very impressive. Romantic is good, but don't forget that for the first time, too much of it is bad.

Don't stress about your appearance. Jeans and T-shirt are very bad, but dressing a suit is not a better solution too. Jeans and jacket wouldn't look too splendid or too ordinary.

If you're taking her or him with your car - don't forget to clean it! Untidiness will definitely make a bad impression. However, getting pedant about everything even in front of her eyes is nothing praiseworthy too.

Maybe you know that he or she likes something very much? Even if you don't like it yourself, plan something in connection with that activity. It'll make sure the person you're asking out will have a great time.

Flowers are not required for the first time, but if you think your date would like that, you may definitely get them. Just don't make too much of it. One rose would do better than a huge bunch of flowers.

There are a lot of ways to make your date perfect. But what's the most important is to understand that the date is not only about you, but maybe even more about the person you're asking out. Be original, attentive and you may have a great time even doing such common activities as taking a walk, having coffee or going to the theatre. Dating is not about activity, it's about you and the person you're with.