Baldness is discussed all over the world. One may think it's ugly while another may consider baldness to be sexy. What about famous people? Is it popular between them?

One of the best known bald celebrities is Michael Jordan - a retired American professional basketball player. He is said to be the father of this trendy hairdo. Who can imagine Jordan with hair? He removed it just as he saw some signs of becoming bald naturally. And he definitely looks great. Now we can see many bald basketball players not just in NBA, but also all over the world. Thank you Jordan!

Another star - Vin Diesel. This American actor, writer, director and producer is distinguished by his shaved head, athletic physique, deeply textured baritone voice and say-it-like-it-is attitude. His most famous works are: Multi-facial, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Fast and the Furious. In most of his filmography, he worked both as an actor and producer. And his shaved head definitely did a part in becoming famous.

Bruce Willis - one of the best-known American actors all over the world. Who can argue that this 52 year old man looks great with that shaved head? He did a great job in Pulp Fiction, Twelve Monkeys, Armageddon, Grindhouse, Sin City, Ocean's Twelve and many other films.

One more bald American actor is Samuel L. Jackson. This talented actor is best known for his roles in Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, A Time to Kill and Snakes on a Plane. Why is he bald? Maybe because he's 59 years old and he still wants to look fashionable?

There's no need to present any person to make the point - rap and hip-hop. It's hard to count how many bald rappers exist out there. Although they wear various hats, everybody knows what's under them - s shiny shaved head. The origin of this bald-rapper fashion is Michael Jordan. Black street musicians started to shave their heads after their god Jordan did it.

The best know bald woman is Natalie Portman - Israeli-American actress. She had to shave her beautiful hair for a role in V for Vendetta. And she definitely received many compliments about her new looks. Natalie is also known for roles in Star Wars, Closer and Cold Mountain.

Demi Moore also shaved her head for a film. It was one of her best known works - G. I. Jane. After removing all hair Demi said: "It feels great! I love it!". However, she has her long beautiful black hair back now. This woman is a symbol of femininity and maternity no matter how long or short her hair is.

Deborah Anne Dyer, aka Skin is a former lead vocalist of the English rock band Skunk Anansie. She has now begun a solo carrier and has already released two albums. As an artist, Skin never had long hair. Moreover, she now prefers a totally bald style.

Another well-known bald woman is Sinead Marie Brandette O'Connor. She's a Grammy award wining Irish singer and songwriter. This young artist has already released 11 albums and is now working on the 12th. Has anybody seen her photo with at least very short hair? Suppose not - her shaved head is the best sign to recognize this young artist.

Eve Salvail is a Canadian super model who was the first to shave her head. She created a lot of interest with this extravagant look among fashion designers. Moreover, she has a dragon tattoo on her scalp. Eve still sports very short hair, although no longer shaved.

Conclusion? Bald head is popular and always fashionable. Not only men, but also women find shaved head attractive, trendy and practical. If you like to be extravagant, bald head is just for you.