How can I receive a refund?

Refunds are possible by contacting us at customer service through tickets and explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction. Be as clear and concise as possible about why you are canceling and desire a refund.

When can I expect refund?

Refunds are handled on case-by-case basis. There are following legal reasons to receive a refund:

1. You decided that you do not want this service and have not used the benefits of higher membership.

2. You cannot use the membership for reasons depending on our part, and our customer service cannot help you solve your problem.

When can I not expect refund?

We can not provide a refund in cases when an account is closed due to our terms & conditions violation, or closed for legal reasons (i.e. breaching a contract or laws of the user’s country).

We do not provide partial refunds. This means that if you use our services for more than 3 days, or extensively use the benefits of the membership during the first days, you will not be refunded when you cancel your membership.