Some People asks us: why security category is added to modeling site? At first sight it seems that these themes are not related at all.

We added it because modeling related theme is very controversial in internet. Its hard to keep completely clean and professional modeling portal. Lots of people think that modeling is like a prostitution. IT IS NOT. Lots of people think that if we show kids, we are breaking the Law. They accuse us of Child pornography. ITS NONSENSE.
We work with people from 3 to 70 and more years old, lots of our models / people appears in TV clips, Media. Not only young models required in advertising industry.

BUT very few sites tries to be clean like us. Child and modeling related keywords are very exploited in internet. You can see that keywords "preteen models", "teen models" are usually related to pornography in other sites. Our visitors, clients often goes to these sites unintentionaly, because of controversial meaning of the words. These sites who exploits various keywords usually have variuos worms, spyware, adware and other parasites integrated to the site or installs parasites by deceiving the user.

Thats how our Visitors and our Clients gets infected. Thats why we try to protect them and publish some well known parasites and files along with their removal instructions. Thats why security category is added to our modeling site.