Dreaming of a model career but not tall enough? Don't get disappointed, modeling industry is open for anyone. There are modeling agencies that accept models that are 1.6 meter (5 inches) tall. All you have to do is find as much information of various modeling agencies as possible and be very patient and determined to get to the industry.

Petite models are usually working more as a "close up" photo models than those in a fashion industry. Petite models are used to take pictures of body parts instead of body as a whole, therefore your body imperfections, such as height is not that important as your facial features. So to get to the industry you must have cute face, nice skin, a good bone structure and good teeth.

Don't consider your self as a cute one? You are not the one to judge yourself. Go to some modeling agency and simply ask if you have facial features that would be acceptable in modeling. If they'll tell you no, don't get disappointed. Modeling is an industry there requirements change extremely fast. Try to ask for professional opinion a few months later. Maybe they themselves will invite you for work.

Moreover, petite models surely look fit while tall models look elegant. That's the main reason why fashion industry professional choose tall models for shows on the catwalk and petite models for prints and other media. While talking about television, only a few petite girls are working as models for it. The reason of this is that tall models look better in front of camera, because television actually shortens one's appearance. Although it's just an optical illusion it's surely an important feature.

Have in mind that most clients and photographers would rather work with a vibrant and "easy" person than a beautiful one who is very self-esteem, does not take instructions well or acts as a snob. You have to be lively, full of energy and work hard to get successful in petite modeling industry. Bodily requirements for petite models are not as high as for tall ones, so your character features definitely are very important if you want to become a famous model.

If you are willing to get to the industry you must do what every model does. Sign up a contract with an agency; get a portfolio and work hard to achieve your goal.

Isobella Jade is one of successful petite models. Although this girl from New York is only 5'2 feet tall, Isobella managed to become a famous model and by self server she has been featured on Media Bistro, The New York Post Pulse, Page Six, Advertising Age, Yahoo news, Yahoo Yodel, Gawker, The book standard, Fashion Television and magazines nationally and internationally. Although she had a difficult path to get through she is now a well known model.

And you can be as well. It's not impossible, if you are willing to put a lot of effort in making your dream come true, be sure you'll make it. Don't get disappointed if someone will refuse you, try again and again. Be determined and you'll surely become a successful petite model.