Met a person you think is perfect? Think he or she is the best thing that has ever happened in your life? This is the moment there you have to stop for a moment and think, because if you won't make sure what your feelings are and is it really love, you may get hurt. Many people think they are in love and only later understand that it was just lust. There's the line? How to find out if you are really in love?

Although it may seem that you fell in love with the person, don't get tricked: it may be just lust. Lust is excessively intense physical attraction towards another person and as you feel it, it may seem that you fell in love, because the only thing you can think about all the time is the stranger you met. We usually lust for people we don't know well, we find them very interesting and attractive, we can fantasize about them and we don't feel uncomfortable about that, which just makes the lust more intense.

Why do we mix these feelings if love is a mental feeling and lust is physical? We usually mix these two only until physical interaction really happens. It is extremely hard to decide are you in love or are you not without having sex with the person.

If it's just lust, after having sex with the person you will start noticing some things you don't like about him or her. Some small irritating features you haven't noticed before. You'll see that you don't think of your partner as often as before and you feel quite comfortable even if you do not meet him often. If you felt jealous about the person and now you just don't consider the factor that he or she could betray you, be sure you're not in love.

Think of how the person makes you feel while you are together. Do you feel comfortable with him or her or do you have to think what to say and how to behave, can you be yourself or do you have to control your self. Does he or she make you feel good and special about your self? If you are always relaxed, you can be your self and the person makes you feel good about your self, you probably are in love.

Yet if you came to this conclusion without any physical interaction, you may be wrong. When try to talk with him or her as if you were talking to your colleague. Does he have the same or at least acceptable attitude to some things that are important to you. Try to find out about his or hers feelings. Consider if you feel safe being with him or her and try to imagine your feeling if you would break up.

It is excessively hard to find out are you in love or is it just lust, but if you'll be patient and learn to think with your brain, not with feelings, you will come to the right conclusion. Yet don't be too critical to yourself and other person, sometimes lust may grow into deeper feelings as well.