It's holiday season again, which means it's about time to start thinking of gifts you are going to buy for your family members and/or friends. For some of us it's an enjoyable process, while others hate purchasing Christmas gifts. Yet, both sometimes face a problem: what to buy? We will share the best Christmas gifts ideas.

The first step is to decide what kind of Christmas present it should be. We can separate them into three categories: common gifts (things usually), personalized gifts (something made specially for a person) and experiential gifts (trip, diving lessons etc.). This step will surely make your further decisions easier.

If you decided to purchase a common gift, you have an array of excessively wide choices. Just use your imagination: think of what the person would like, maybe he/she has a hobby or specializes in something. Try to find out if the person needs something or has a special wish. This will narrow your choice, but your gift will surely be more appreciated.

Yet, sometimes it's impossible to be sure of what the person needs. In such a case you have only one option: to use your imagination. If you are going to purchase a common gift, such things as books, photos, souvenirs are definitely not a way out. You have to be creative. Look for such things as original paintings (be sure you know the décor in persons' living space), accessories (think of a style, colors, would he or she like it), music albums (favorite receiver groups). You may even consider buying something like a small night-table lamp. The most important thing here is to buy something original and be sure it would suit a person's taste. Remember that your attention and love is what makes your present the best Christmas gift, because Christmas is not about material things.

Those who are considering a personalized gift should have in mind that this will only work out if you know person well enough. If you do, it's a rather easy task. Almost anything can work out as a personalized Christmas present, yet if you want to make it really special - do it yourself. You may gather all the photos of the person and make him/her a life-story album; paint a Christmas card or a small book of your friendship story or even record him a tape with a tale about some special event that happened for you both. There are many ways out, just use your imagination!

If you want to make it really special, be sure that buying experiential gifts is the best idea. It may cost you more, but the person won't ever forget it. Your gift can be almost anything: a dinner in a luxurious restaurant, tickets to his or her favorite group concert, tickets to theater, parachute jump, dancing lessons, diving, trip to some foreign country or anything you can think about. You may simply rent a house some miles away from the place you live in and think of some activities that would be interesting for the person. Such Christmas gifts are surely worth more to people than things.

No matter what gift you purchase, the most important thing is to think of the person. Maybe you have no idea what he/she wants, but you can make your gift original: something the person wouldn't even imagine, and your Christmas gift will surely be appreciated. Self-made gifts have more value than expensive things.