Organizing a Christmas party or a New Years Eve party? Want to make it unusual? Theme party with some additional entertainments is surely a great idea. Yet some people find it rather difficult to find the theme that would be interesting and extraordinary. But winter holiday party should be the one to remember till the next year. So what's the best way to wish your friends merry Christmas and Happy New year? Here are some theme party ideas that should create an atmosphere your friends would never forget.

Mafia party is undoubtedly something you have never experienced before. All men in black suits, women in luxurious dresses, serious faces and silenced talks, gives an atmosphere of a life you probably won't ever have. Getting small guns in secret places, creating special signs and characters of gangster family for every single party participant will make your party unforgettable.

Another great and a rather different idea is a hippy party. All wearing long hair wigs, colorful clothes and talking about global warning. Don't forget to purchase some candles and find appropriate music. It's surely more difficult to organize such a party, because you can't create characters for everyone, they have to create it themselves. Yet, if your friends will agree to this and won't be lazy to out some effort in organizing it, you all will have a great Christmas party.

Las Vegas party won't disappoint anyone. All you have to do is create a small casino in your house. Card games, roulette and other hazard games will get involved everyone and your friends will talk about this little Las Vegas for a long time. Just don't forget that playing for real money may cause some unwanted consequences, so you should better buy or make false money. Las Vegas party is rather easy to set up as you can use shiny Christmas decorations to create the blingy atmosphere.

Vampire party would also be something unusual, but you would have to create some kind of scenario for it. You may join this party together with murder mystery. This will turn the New Years Eve party into a really spooky, but memorable experience. Create an atmosphere of vampires at home, and make some of the party participants disappear from time to time (they could continue to party in other room). The rest of your friends would have to find out what happened to others, who the vampire is and protect themselves. This is a great idea for those who like spooky atmosphere and solving mysteries.

Kid party is only for those who like real fun and are not afraid to become kids again. This can be the best idea for New Years Eve party or a Christmas party. Bringing toys and acting like kids, playing various children games is surely not for everyone. Yet playing those games may become a great fun if your company consists of creative people. It's surely a great way to entertain your friends.

Arabian night party is so exotic that it would be hard to forget. Dressing in clothes so very different form the daily ones, acting like slaves and sultans, belly-dancing and adding some secret (girls' kidnapping) to your New Years Eve party can be unbelievable fun to you and your friends.

Disco fever will make everyone move, dance and have great fun. All you have to do is create colorful lighted atmosphere and find appropriate music. Don't forget to remind everyone that disco style has also dominated clothing. Your party will be colorful and groovy, that's exactly what you need to have fun. Isn't it the best way to celebrate New Years Eve or wish your friends merry Christmas?

Creating a great theme party is not as hard as it may seem. You just need a vision, creative friends that would support your idea and be sure your winter holiday party will be unforgettable. Putting effort in such evening is surely worth the effect.