Today dumped our site site will not function 100% until we find proper replacement to to accept payments.

Everything was OK for few years, but they decided not to provide payments anymore. The reason: they don't want to provide merchant account to the site which displays so called Pre-adult content.

What is pre-adult content???

We are reputable modeling agency here in Lithuania. We work with children, we have the right to work with children. Our models works successfully in in high Fashion modeling industry.

For example Laura Muraskaite, she presents the collections in All known Fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona. She presents collections of the most known designers of the world. (Jil Sander, Ghost... etc) But she is 15 at the moment. Most of the models start their carriers at 14, 15, not at 18 years old. !8 years old model in Fashion modeling industry considers OLD model and its late to start the carrier at that age.

We don't quite understand what wrong they see in the content. This is our speciality, we don't provide any pornographic content and we follow all

Europe Union laws. We cant do otherwise, because we will loose the license. There is no even any Nude content at all. It doesn't matter if the model 18 or not, We do not accept any nude content and try to verify every photo.

But 2checkout sees something Bad with the content and treats it not acceptable to them. We understand that its their site and they can do whatever they want, but still we find this a bit weird and not professional.

When we wrote this letter to them, we got following explanation: "This decision was made by our upstream provider of processing services who instructed us to immediately cease support of any type of pre adult content. We sincerely regret their decision but, as they have the ability to terminate our services at any time, we're left with no choice but to comply with the notification we received."

In other words - Negotiation and further examination are not acceptable.

After this "Adventure" we can not recommend as a professional service. Think about before taking it, you can be dumped particularly for no reason.


Additional comments:

We've got comment from surfer that in his opinion we've got dumped because of questionable advertising in profiles.

This is not true, because:

1. don't see anything Bad with dating or brides services. It provides payments services for such sites without any problems.

2. Brides services are not illegal and not related to sex.

So accusation regarding "not professionalism" was wrong. Comment was deleted because it mismatched with reality.