Christmas - time of joy, happiness and shopping. For most women it is a pleasure, but what happens if you are out of ideas of what to buy? Shopping becomes a nightmare. Probagbly the most difficult task is to buy a present for your boyfriend, friend or husband. Don't panic, this year we are here to help you.

No one could deny that it's hard to get a thing that men would sincerely appreciate. But be sure, table football won't disappoint any man. Any male would be happy to see that you care of his interests and don't mind him spending some time with his friends. Be ready to allow him to invite some friends. Maybe you'll enjoy this game too? There are so many similar games, that there is surely something your receiver would appreciate.

Making your gift experiential is always a great way out. Hot air balloon rides, diving, climbing or even tickets to his favorite team game would surely make your gift exceptional and unforgettable. Don't forget to purchase two tickets, so it would be a great adventure or event for you both, which would surely make your Christmas wonderful.

If the person has a hobby or is interested in something, give him something related to it. Maybe it's golf? Personalized (boss, irritating neighbor) golf balls would be perfect. He likes fishing? New equipment or booked weekend by a like will make his heart melt. Before purchasing such presents, make sure you hit the right spot - some people may have rather nice relationship with their bosses or neighbors.

Technical things are always appreciated by men. Just once again make sure he needs it. iPods, cameras, phones are sure to please any man's heart. You may also make your technical gift original. Such things as ISIS (puzzle that is considered to be the most difficult in whole world), would interest any man. Just don't make your gift too difficult or interesting, because he will spend more time playing with the thing than being with you.

Self-made presents are appreciated by both men and women. Paint a book about your life story or write a story about it. Make a funny cup for him yourself. Teach his pet to get a newspaper. Use your imagination and creativity and you are sure to make him happy.

Common gifts, such as cigars, fragrance, jewelry, roadside emergency kits and other are the easiest way out. It will please the receiver, but it won't make your gift anything special. Original gifts are great, because they make the whole event different and worth remembrance. Wouldn't you be happy if you got something you haven't even imagined?

All you have to do to make his Christmas unforgettable is to use your imagination. Think only about the person, about his interests and habits, and you'll surely find something that would make him happy. Don't forget to be original: surprises are always great. Don't buy something you would like him to have; buy something he would like to have.