The choice is definitely easy, all you have to do is consider your needs (just be honest to yourself), style and such matters as work or studies. And don't forget that there's a difference between day and evening makeup and that there are also fashionable makeup features.

It can be said that for this day, makeup is not fashionable at all. This actually means that the more natural you are, the more fashionable you look. Of course, you must have beautiful skin in such a case, yet if you don't - apply as little makeup as possible. The colors are also very natural for this season - brown, silver, gold and deep tones of red, green and blue. The conclusion is - light makeup is better for fashion features.

If you work or study consider if you really need a bright makeup, for it may look extraordinary in your surroundings. Yet, if you think it is ok and you won't look eccentric - feel free to apply any makeup you want. Moreover, under some circumstances it is even better to look different and original. Make sure you are not trying too hard and consider bright makeup in working or studying place carefully. Light makeup is acceptable in any case.

When it comes to day and evening makeup, it's simple - day makeup is light and evening makeup is bright. So if you prefer bright makeup, choose it carefully, because if it'll look like evening makeup, you'll look ridiculous.

The most important feature is your style. If your style is elegant or you usually wear dark or light colors, maybe deep tones of red, yellow, green and blue, you should apply light makeup. Matching colors with your clothing or accessory will surely make you look good. For example if you wear black clothes and silver accessory, apply silver eye shadow and black mascara. If you're style is playful and colorful all you have to do is choose the main color. For instance if your clothing consist of various colors but mostly yellow and blue, apply yellow eye shadow and blue mascara. Makeup will undoubtedly add charm to your style.

The last thing to think about is your needs. Makeup damages your face. Although you hardly notice that it really does. So while answering the question of your need be sincere to yourself. If your work doesn't require looking perfect, if you're not obsessed with fashion and if your style look complete without any makeup you shouldn't apply bright makeup. And the light one should consist of powder (only if you consider your skin imperfect and think its necessary) and mascara (to expose your eyes).

Makeup isn't as necessary as most women think it is. Most men find natural women attractive. So if there's no real necessity for you to apply it everyday, just don't. And if you find it vital to your style be excessively careful while choosing between light and bright one. Have in mind that bright makeup is evening makeup, so do not make a huge mistake.