Ladies - get ready for some real men. A gentleman - that's what women need. 10 sexiest male models 2007 are all yours.

Model number 10 is Adrian. This Spain-Danish man is only starting his model career; however, he is one of those, whose presence clients started bidding feverishly for. He is now working with Dior, which can only mean that this boy will certainly become popular.

9th place is occupied by Clement Chabernaud. Although he's only 17 years old every men magazine on the market already recognized him. Clement is the face of Jil Sender Spring/Summer 2006, which undoubtedly brought him fortune.

Andrew Cooper is 8th. This English boy is a reminder that the industry has its favorites although it is full of "here today, gone tomorrow" models. He worked with many famous fashion houses and designers and at the moment he's a face of Giorgio Armani.

7th is Nicolas Bemberg. This French born newcomer seems to be one of the fastest growing modeling stars. He's working with the most luxurious campaigns of Gucci, Lanvin and Hugo Boss. And it looks like it's only a start.

6th sexiest model is Vincent LaCrocq, a French skateboarder. He started his career three years ago and is now well known as the face of Louis Vuitton, Bally, Paul&Joe, Numero, Arena, Vogue Hommes and a number of other campaigns.

Evandro Soldati, 23, is 5th. His career started four years ago, at a contest in his native Brazil. Since then, he is one of the most sought after in the fashion world. Evandro worked with such campaigns as Vuitton and Valentino and is now with Abercrombie, Dolce and Gabbana and Iceberg.

4th place is occupied by Lars Burmeister, a German model who has been the face of Hugo Boss for five years now. This model's success story is amazing. He wasn't even interesting in modeling at first and worked as a mechanic. His sister took a few pictures of him and sent them to a modeling agency in Hamburg. The agency immediately invited him to become one of their models and sent him to Milan.

You can do nothing but adore a 19 year old instant sensation from Copenhagen, Eddie Klint, who is 3rd sexiest male model. He is the face of Prada and the first male model ever selected to launch Prada men's fragrance campaign. Eddie also has a rather interesting success story to tell. He was discovered by an agent in a restaurant, where he was undergoing a training for a chef vacancy. He was booked exclusively for Jil Sander catwalk in Milan and other high profile fashion shows in Paris and London by only a few polaroids.

Bev Moore is 2nd. Yet another 19 years old newcomer. This Alabama boy is doing a great job in Calvin Klein. He doesn't seem to be a temporary star, for he has an unusual face shape and excessively well shaped body.

First place is occupied by Mathias Lauridsen. After being one of the most consistent male models in the last three years, Mathias has flourished into the full blue chip stardom this season as the point man for Gucci. Logging multiple campaigns for six seasons in a row, this man is definitely one of the best known male models nowadays.

These models are definitely well known all around the world and who would dear to argue whether they are sexy. Almost every woman dreams about men like this from time to time.