It's not a secret that celebrities have a habit to marry and divorce at least a few times. Marriage ceremony is accompanied by an orchestra and the divorce - by a hell lot of noise. The reasons are not very interesting, because commonly there are two: he or she falls in love with another person or one of them is too much into Scientology. What's more interesting is the estimated settlement. Here are ten most expensive celebrity divorces.

The10th place is occupied by Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Their estimated settlement is $15 to $25 million. Jerry filed for divorce after nine years in marriage, after learning that her beloved husband had a child with another woman.

Lionel and Diane Richie are in the 9th place with their settlement of $20 million. They had been married for ten years when Diane filed for divorce. She claimed a monthly clothing allowance of $15,000, $50,000 a month for manicures, massage and other personal services and a plastic surgery budget, of course - $20,000 a year. Couldn't even imagine this is possible? That's just a small part of her list.

Michael and Diandra Douglas with an estimated settlement of $45 million are in the 8th place. The couple split up after 13-teen years in marriage. The main reason known is Michael Douglas' alcohol abuse. Diandra estimated $45 million, and houses in Beverly Hills and Majorca.

7th place - James Cameron and Linda Hamilton. Estimated settlement: $50 million. The marriage tanked after 18 months. Cameron received some $100 million from Paramount for Titanic, Hamilton received half of that.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills who have a child together split up after four years in marriage. The settlement pending for Heather was probably more than $60 million, after she accused him of assault. And that's only the 6th place.

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva divorced after a 16-year marriage. Silva was married to Costner during his peak earning years; she was awarded $80 million, a substantial piece of his net worth.

4th place is occupied by Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison. Their estimated settlement is $85 million. The couple lived in marriage for 21 years. The divorce settlement of $85 million was not enough for Mathison so she negotiated a piece of Ford's future earnings from films he made while married. Unfortunately she didn't get any more.

Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving divorced after nearly four years of marriage. They are in 3rd place. Irving then got $100 million, half of Spielberg's fortune at the time. Today he is worth $3 billion.

2nd place - Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey. It's a pity that this couple divorced after 25 years in marriage. Murphey was the one to file for divorce. She walked away with half of Diamond's fortune - $150 million. Diamond later said that she was worth every penny.

And finally the first place - Michael and Juanita Jordan. Their settlement pending was most probably more than $150 million. The couple divorced only last year. Jordan earned more than $350 million during the marriage, so Juanita should get more than $150 million in the settlement, making the Jordan divorce the most expensive in entertainment history.

Those wives are definitely able to start their lives without men, can't they? It's not the worst start for any of them...