Fragrance is important part of everybody's self image. Scent is a very important stimulator and most people pay great attention to it, while choosing and using perfume. We all subconsciously feel the difference between female and male perfume. Yet, not so long ago unisex fragrance has been discovered. Do you know what is it?

Unisex fragrance has been made so that both genders could use it. The scent is so delicate that smelling a man you wouldn't even consider that the same scent could be used by a woman and vice versa.

Are these perfumes popular? They are, yet not as popular as the usual ones. It's so because some people do not understand the purpose of such fragrance and they think it's more appropriate for women to use women perfume and for men to use men perfume. And the purpose is to create the scent that would smell nice but be both feminine and manly. So that no one could tell if you are a man or a woman only from your scent. They are more neutral. Some fragrance products have irritating smell, and unisex ones are usually less noticeable, therefore, they shouldn't irritate any noses.

Some people are afraid to use unisex perfume only because they are afraid of an encounter with a person of opposite sex that would smell the same. It's simply impossible. Even if you will meet that person, you won't smell the same, because the scent of your perfume mixes with your body scents and pheromones that change the perfume scent, so there is no chance you will smell the same.

Unisex fragrance is usually preferred by people who have to meet a lot of people. It's very useful because it doesn't irritate people. As far as scent is a really great stimulator for some people it is excessively important to know how to exploit every possibility to charm other people. It's undoubtedly the best choice if you want to smell nice but prefer not to annoy other people with your smell.

If you have doubts about purchasing such perfume, there's one more way out. Just like all fragrance products, unisex perfume has different types of scent. Sweet, pungent, vivifying and a lot of other scents are available for you to choose from. If you are a female, sweet perfume on you would smell more feminine than pungent, while if you are a man, pungent scent would smell manlier than the sweet one. Vivifying and other type of perfume won't make that big of a difference.

Don't be afraid of trying something new. Although many people are still afraid of using unisex perfume, there's definitely nothing to be afraid of. Do not avoid perfume you like only because the label says it's unisex. Your body, despite whether you are a man or a woman, will add its own smell which will adequately make the scent more feminine or manly. Have in mind that smell is a great stimulator and other people don't know what the label says, so it may stimulate their nerves even better than a real female or man perfume.