...has ended, sorry, you're late.

The compound of rapid rising of electronic music, especially house, culture in Britain in the 70's and 80's and spellbinding atmosphere of Ibiza just couldn't be anything else, but a bomb and once the party people of the World heard about it there was nothing to stop them from going. It's been a monumental 40-year party since then and many still argue about when it really went lose. The problem with describing those forty years is that you can go out of paper first and out of your mind immediately after that. Too many dj's such as Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Alex P, Nicky Holloway, Sven Väth, Frankie Knuckles, John Digweed played there and these are just Tops of the Pop, my friend. The ones who partied at the clubs like Amnesia, DC-10, Privilege, Space, Pacha, to mention but a few, will never be able to forget the atmosphere, the crowd, the music played, the sound quality, the sex on the beach afterwards and God knows what else. Ibiza won't let you to forget. Ibiza is very old and very smart, and she was guarding one dark secret of hers for too long and it was bound to be revealed sooner or later. Ibiza became a missile range for Liverpool and rival drug gangs and the past summer has been more intense than ever before.

A crackdown on Ibiza's drug-fuelled night-life has seen closure notices served on some of the world's most famous dance clubs and brought a disastrous start to the holiday island's summer season. The Amnesia, DC-10 and several other clubs were all given orders to close for a month or more after they were accused by the police of tolerating drug-dealing and consumption among clubbers. The closures, which were accompanied by fines, have reportedly led to clubbers from Britain and elsewhere cancelling trips to the island. Between them the three clubs attract upwards of 7,000 people every night as the island off Spain's east coast becomes the global capital of clubbing during the summer months. Amnesia, one of the biggest and best-known venues on the island, is now open for business again after being banned from opening for the first month of its summer season. Bora Bora reopened in July, while DC-10 is reportedly fighting closure through the courts. The controversial closures came as local authorities attempted to crack down on a holiday drug culture that has shown signs of spiralling out of control following shootouts between British trafficking gangs and the newcomers from Russia and Romania last summer.

Spanish police are failing to stamp out the drug problem in the clubbers' resort of Ibiza because of a lack of resources. The customs boat which patrols the waters of the Balearic island is so understaffed it has not made a single arrest in two years. CCTV cameras have been installed in the San Antonio area of Ibiza, but they don't always work because of the poor DSL connection on the island. The natives understand that the tourism is their life and they must be very careful with it. However, the sheer number of dealers on the island and the lack of resources - and political will - makes a difficult task even harder for the Spanish police.

If you were thinking of including Ibiza to your holiday route I'd suggest you just check the news for the time being and wait at least until the season begins in June. It's not yet a lost island, but if you ever go there and it seems that "they looked happier in the brochure", you'll know why.