Every single human being has to face the hair removal process from time to time. While it's just simple routine for some, others have to cope with a number of problems while dealing with it. No matter to which of the above you belong, you can always improve your skills in hair removal.

Hair removal may be classified by different criterions, for example, location (facial, body, bikini), removal type (waxing, shaving, plucking) or by type of hair (vellum or terminal). Knowing what type of hair you will be removing will help you choose the way of performing the procedure.

Vellum hair is soft, fine and short. This type of hair usually appears on women back, chest or face and they are so small that the removal is only optional, unless you have a darker complexion, which can make them more visible. Terminal hair is coarser, darker and longer. It's the hair that grows on your head, legs, armpits and bikini zone.

Laser hair removal, plucking or waxing is the most recommended methods for vellum hair removal. It might be more painful, but the effect will last longer and hair won't get thicker (the effect shaving causes).

Terminal hair can be removed by using such methods as shaving, plucking, depilatories, waxing, electrolysis, laser and prescription treatment. The choice of methods depends on your ability to deal with pain, area you want to clean and your financial capabilities.

Shaving is cheap and won't cause you any pain. Yet the effect won't last so long (1 to 3 days) and you'll have to do it again and again. It is very comfortable in a way that you do not have to make any appointments with anybody. The major drawback is that you can't shave them until they reach a certain length.

Plucking lasts long (from 3 to 8 weeks), yet it's really painful and takes time. As far as you can pluck only one hair at a time removing hair from your legs would probably take a whole day. Plucking is recommended on small areas such as eyebrows, upper lip and chin.

Depilatories are inexpensive and won't cause you any pain. The effect lasts from several days to two weeks. They can be used on any area, yet you have to be very careful when purchasing one, because it usually has a lot of chemical components. It's not recommended for people who have sensitive skin.

Waxing is probably the most painful method of hair removal, however, the effect is long lasting (from 3 to 6 weeks). For some people it may cause skin redness, inflammation and bumps, yet these effects will not take long to disappear, leaving smooth skin.

Electrolysis is permanent, yet it takes time for you to see the actual effect and you have to make appointments for that. It's usually used only for small areas such as upper lip, eyebrows and underarms. The procedure is painful and may cause dry skin, scabs, scarring and inflammation. Also, electrolysis is expensive, being the only permanent hair removal method.

Laser hair removal is expensive and painless, with the effect lasting for about 6 months. The thing with laser hair removal is that your skin has to be light and the hair dark if you want to use this method. Before making an appointment, you should consult a professional whether your hair is dark enough for the laser removal.

Prescription treatment is only for people, who have real hair problems. It's commonly used by women removing facial hair and may only be obtained with a recipe from a doctor.

No matter which hair removal method you choose, you have to be sure it won't harm your skin and won't cause you any allergies. If you feel comfortable while using razor, why should you spend a bunch of money on a laser procedure?