We all know for a fact that sport is healthy. We also know that it may be difficult to suddenly start getting up early, jogging, working out or going to the gym up to the point, when it becomes a habit. Is it laziness to blame? Well, in most cases it is. But wouldn't it be great to be and look fit, and be full of energy all the time? Why is it so hard to take up sports even when all the advantages are well known to everybody?

Taking up sports doesn't mean you have to go jogging for a few hours every morning and then spend a few more in a gym after work. Keeping your body healthy shouldn't be that exhausting. Or should it? Well, if you are active already and also able to combine simple exercising with healthy nutrition, it's not exhausting at all.

The most popular way to get fit and healthy is the morning run. No time limits exist. You may do it any time and just as long as you want. It'll make your legs stronger and you'll be full of energy the whole day after. Later you won't even lose your breath - you'll breath just as easy as you would naturally. It's recommended to drink plenty of water before and after morning run.

Exercising after the run will be even more beneficial. Additional exercising improves your hand, belly and other muscles.

All the sports will not only make your muscles stronger, but make your heart and other organs work more properly as well. Basically, your whole body will become stronger and will function way better. Also, you'll be full of energy.

Studies show, that sports in the morning are more beneficial than evening exercising. This is because your body is relaxed and well rested in the mornings and exercising, instead of simply burning your energy, will only build up more of it. In the evening your body is tired and instead of building up the energy exercising will just use it. Of course, if you have no other choice, working out in the evening is better than nothing.

Although at first it may seem rather hard to get up early and do sports, and you may feel exhausted after the few first tries, soon your body will get used to the stress and you'll start feeling better and better each time.

Good nutrition is also very important when it comes to improving your health. To achieve maximum effect, you should start eating healthy. Although, if you find it very hard to do, at least try eating more vegetables and fruit instead of chocolate or chips. The biggest advantage of healthy food is that you don't have to consume as much of it as you would have to with unhealthy meals. You feel satiated for a longer period of time and don't have to eat as much and as often. You won't pump so many calories into your body and instead of growing fat you'll grow muscles. If you'll exercise, that is!

Although it may seem unnecessary for some people or way too hard for others, once you start and keep the bar up, you'll soon start feeling the results, which, as you'll see, are great. You won't feel so exhausted all the time and your mood will be much better. This is a good way to improve your social life as well. Once you experienced all the advantages sports can bring, you'll find it hard to believe you could be so lazy before.