We all know dog's a man's best friend, but have you ever wondered that dogs may even become a part of a style, an accessory? There's a new trend on a catwalk - models with dogs. They are used to emphasize the character and the importance of every single detail, all while contributing to your style. So what dogs are "fashionable"?

The most fashionable dog on catwalks at this moment is Yorkshire terrier. These small and cute pets would surely suit any style, but usually are walking along with models that are young and playful. Their shinny long fur matches perfectly with long autumn coats and large scarfs. It's even more awesome if it's a winter collection, as these small doggies need to be dressed in winter in order not to get cold, so their clothing is usually matching with that of models. This simply results in audience melting.

Another popular dog breed that you can see on a catwalk quite often is Afghan hound. These dogs are used to achieve the effect of elegance and luxury. Afghan hounds have a very special build therefore they have an excessively elegant and unusual walk. These dogs are surely a great detail for those who seek for elegance and want to make an impression of luxury.

Such dogs as Argentine Dogos (Mastiffs) are used to exaggerate firm styles. Some designers use military details or shapes and create the firm looks of models. In this case, Mastiffs are perfect to achieve that complete look.

"Pocket" dogs are used as a style detail not only on a catwalk as well as in daily life. These small creatures will make your whole style look unbelievably well and even cute.

For those who are watching the show all the dog thing may look very interesting and nice, but is everything as it seems? You can't just go the pet shop, buy a dog and let him walk the walk. Every dog has its own character and temper, and not all of them are friendly and cuddly. Some dogs are afraid of the crowds - they get scared and refuse to listen to the commands. Dogs that you see on the catwalk have to be trained very well and, if you want the show to be perfect, they have to get used to the model at first. There have been cases of dogs getting scared and not letting the model to do their work or the even trying to bite someone.

If you decided to get a dog on a show just to emphasize your style, be very precautious. All breeds have their own character features, thus means you have to take a good care of them and train them well. Although it may seem easy at first, be sure - it's not. At first, you should consult a professional about the dog best suitable for you or at least find some information about different breeds.

Dogs can be used for various purposes, including style. If you want a dog that completes your style, you should choose one that has a character similar to yours, so you both would have nothing to worry about when you're on.