Every married man and woman knows that there are times when marriage seems to be a nightmare. You simply wouldn't mind leaving everything and starting a new life. He nor she does not understand what are they doing together and how could they ever really loved each other. Why does this happen and how to deal with it when it?

What happens to love when the time passes? Love has biorhythms - it arises, grows and after some time becomes sick and wither. The cooling feelings have mostly to do with a phenomenon called "removal of masks". We usually fall in love with an idealized image and when it starts to reveal the real face of his/hers we usually get disappointed.

Another reason of this crisis may be sexual life. Maybe you feel disappointed with the quality of sex or your dream partner needs less of it than you do. You start doubting yourself and the tension starts to grow.

Daily life, dish washing, cleaning and other worldly problems also weaken your ability to see each other with former excitement.

Such small issues as tastes and habits also do their thing. Maybe you are not as similar as you thought at the beginning; maybe before the wedding all you did was trying to fit each other. You haven't seen the bad habits that irritate you before and now, when you have to face them, you start wondering whether he/she is the same person you knew and adored before.

Monotony and sameness are the ominous satellites of family life; there's nowhere you can hide from them. Try to make it more playful, do something very extraordinary to help you find each other again.

Talk to your partner about every little thing that disturbs you. Try to do everything peacefully, without quarrels. Talking about problems and finding solutions together will not only make it easier to cope with then, but will also make you closer.

Try to fight with yourself a bit. If you can't stand some habits of your partner try thinking of the ones that he or she doesn't like of you. Would it be easy for you to quit it? Well it's not that easy for him/her too. Instead of shouting out loud, show some understanding and support.

Be optimist. Try and find the good side of the person you live with, show him or her how much you love, adore and care about him/her, instead of having quarrels have a nice chat while having a romantic dinner.

Don't forget that sexual life is also very important. Ask what your partner would like, find some new things and ways to enjoy making love. Showing interest in bed will improve your relationships.

It's not that hard to have a good relationship even after a number of years in marriage. All you have to do is try to control your temper, try to understand your partner and, instead of going the easiest way, search for compromises. Relationships require efforts and never forget you play a part too. Love will fade only if you will let her to.