Despite of the fact that men makeup history goes a long way back, there are people who still makeup wearing men freaks. Why would a normal man wear makeup? Actors, models, singers wear makeup so why can't a common man use makeup for the same reason they do: to expose their facial features or to hide some shortages. Is that really so unacceptable?

When you see a model on a catwalk, his face looks just perfect, facial features seem bright and you don't even consider that he could (and most definitely is) wearing makeup. Even if you do know that, there's absolutely no way you would consider him a weirdo because of simply being male and wearing makeup. That's the way it is - catwalk is a scene and he accordingly.

But when it comes to common men the ones that we meet every day, our friends, colleagues, would you care if you noticed one of them wearing makeup? Would you consider it normal, just as you consider women? You probably wouldn't.

Yet more and more men are using makeup. Not only ones who have do it because of their profession. Common men. Just like women, they want to be beautiful and that's nothing condemnable. There are men makeup lines and you can be sure you won't find anything like mascara or eye shadow there. It's mostly various creams and special powder, used only to hide some facial skin defects or make facial features brighter.

Men who are considering using makeup should know one very important thing - your powder must blend perfectly on your face. You have to make it look excessively natural, because most people wouldn't tolerate a man wearing makeup.

To practice makeup applying is a great idea. Practice at home until you'll get perfect and acceptable result. You may also ask your girl friend for help or go to some salon and ask help from professionals. If you're lost, don't hesitate to do so, because you'll undoubtedly get better result and won't have to feel ashamed and nervous when going out for the first time.

Try at least a few brands and tones of powder to find the one that fits perfectly with your skin tone. Apply it very precisely so that there wouldn't be any stretches or spots. Adding some powder on your neck will make sure there won't be any disparity. Those who are using makeup to hide facial scars or acne don't overdose it. You can make it less visible, but making it completely invisible would require quite a lot of makeup, which would consequently get visible.

Men shouldn't be afraid to use cosmetics to hide some shortages and other people shouldn't consider them weirdos for doing so. Its XXI century and such things are normal. Normal people trying to be beautiful - there's nothing shameful about it. If plastic surgery is ok, the why makeup is so intolerable? Why should they change their attitude to makeup? Maybe it's time for us to change our attitude upon men wearing makeup?