Planning to purchase new sportswear? It might seem a very easy task, but is it really so? Most people buy sportswear without considering many important factors. Does the practice of being picky make any difference? Yes it does, and you'll surely notice it if you try.

The most important factor is the type of sport you are going to participate in. There's a huge difference between sportswear for running and cycling for example. For some sports, you may wear any type of sportswear you choose. There's no difference between wearing loose and long or tight pants while running, but if you are cycling, loose pants are uncomfortable and it's recommended to wear tight shorts.

When buying sportswear, comfort comes first. Try all the things you are planning to purchase on, make sure your body is able to do any exercise and that you don't feel limited while making some moves. If your sportswear is too large or too small you will encounter difficulties while training. Small sportswear will limit your moves and one that is too large will slip down, which is very uncomfortable.

Another thing is color. We are all used to choose clothing colors depending on taste. This rule shouldn't be applied quite as blindly when choosing sportswear. Those who train outside should choose a dark color, so your clothes don't get dirty so fast and so you don't have to wash them that often. This will also make them last longer. If you are training inside, there's no difference what color you choose.

Be very attentive while choosing material. Your skin needs to breathe when you are working out more than usually, because your body uses more oxygen. Clothing made of natural materials, such as flax or cotton, lets the air pass easily and your body gets more oxygen. You will sweat less as well.

When talking about shoes, comfort is also the most important thing. Your legs won't get tired and won't hurt after active sports and you will not get blisters and other such things. Comfortable shoes are vital to any type of sports.

The best material for sports shoes is leather. It is natural, allows your feet to breath. Be careful about sole. Plastic sole is the worst you can get. The best materials for it are rubber and caoutchouc. These two matterials may deform a bit, which is very healthy for your feet. If the sole is plastic, your feet won‘t sit right and will thus hurt. Yet, even if you choose rubber or caoutchouc, don‘t wear one pair of shoes for too long. The sole will deform too much and start to feel uncomfortable for your feet.

And of course fashion! If you are a trendy person, don‘t forget to renew your sportswear to stay with the latest trends. Of course, don‘t expect to see a real fashion show in a sports club, but there is some trendy and old fashioned stuff too.

Although some people may argue about this, sportswear is certainly an important part of any sport. No matter what sports you prefer, comfortable and carefully chosen sportswear will make it more pleasurable and in some cases - healthier.