Is your friend getting married? Are you the one who has to organize the bachelor's party and you have no idea how to make this party really special? Relax, there are so many ways out that the only task for you is to choose the one you think your friend will enjoy most.

You may always organize the traditional one: bar, lots of beer and a strip dancer. Maybe it won't be special, but if you'll find some interesting games for every single drink and manage to make it really hot, every one will enjoy it.

If you want something more special and your friend is a calm person - rent a house somewhere near a lake, there you could fish. You may spend there a whole weekend. Fishing, swimming, playing football and drinking as much beer as you want without any women around may be great pleasure for your friend.

Las Vegas is something that the bachelor won't ever forget. Gambling and partying is sure to be a great success. Yet, have in mind that this may cost you and your friends a lot. And keep an eye on your friend, because Las Vegas is full of real beauties.

Adventure bachelor party is also a great idea. A rafting weekend with a night by fire with beer and sharing old stories is sure to be unforgettable for all who are present. Just make sure everyone can swim and the bachelor is not a coward.

If you don't have a whole weekend to spend (because your friend is too busy with wedding planning) you should consider carting, skydiving, paint ball and similar activities for the day and a traditional party for the evening. The day part will make sure that you'll have what to talk about during the evening part.

As you have the main idea, you should consider such things as various drinking games to play, funny tasks bachelor should accomplish during the party, something like getting 10 girl's numbers.

Don't forget that a bachelor shouldn't know the idea so you have to prepare everything yourself or with other participants' help. The secret will make a better impression and it'll be more fun for your bachelor, as the party is all about him.

While organizing, don't forget to count the budget and be sure everyone is able to pay the price. If someone won't be able to pay because you made too much of it - you'll be the one to do it. Moreover, the party is supposed to be fun, but not dangerous, so don't push the groom into a situation that could have unpleasant consequences.

Making a bachelor party is not as hard as it may seem if you know your friend really well. Just don't overdo it. Even the most common evening may be a great fun if you'll get some good ideas that could drive the whole evening. Think of what your friend would like to do most, make his last party with his friends as unmarried unforgettable, and you are sure to be held his best friend.