There's no man on earth who don't know jeans. You could hardly find one who does not own a pair. Jeans to work or a party, jeans for young and for elderly, jeans always seem to be on top. Moreover, is it possible, that jeans are here to stay forever?

Originally intended for work, jeans became popular among teenagers in the 1950s. Epic brands include Levi's, Jordachne and Wrangler. There were times when people wearing blue jeans couldn't enter restaurants, however since then, they've gotten on top and it doesn't seem they will give up the position easily. Well, at least not in the near future.

Nowadays you may find not only legendary blue jeans, but also red, blue, grey, yellow or jeans of any other color. Skirts, dresses, jackets, bags and even accessories are now being made of jeans. They are excessively popular mainly because they are simply practical and comfortable.

Although at first they were popular only among the young, it didn't take long for everybody to start wearing it and despite that at first they were meant for work, people started wearing them to parties, school and even formal meetings. There are so many jeans brands that no matter what your position is, you can find the ones that will suit you well.

Jeans aren't expensive, they can be worn for a long time and even after they are worn out, you may find a way to turn them into another article. Some girls cut them or even make skirts if the jeans cannot be worn any more.

Probably the most convincing reason for such popularity is comfort. The material doesn't get dirty so quickly, they do not crumple and you can wear them even if they are wet, because they don't stick to your body. Jeans do not have problems common to most other materials, wherefore can be and are worn in any situation.

Although many people don't even pay attention to that, jeans are even separated into different categories, such as ankle jeans, baggy jeans, bootcut, carpenter jeans, classic, hip-huggers, loose, shaggy, skinny and many other types. Manufacturing, designing and purchasing goes on and on non-stop.

There actually is an individual jeans style. It's usually not mentioned between other styles and the reason for this is that it's simply too common with so many people wearing them daily.

Do jeans have any disadvantages? Although they may seem perfect, actually they do. The material doesn't allow skin to breath, which is not very healthy. Yet, people who don't wear them everyday and do not cover themselves in jeans from head to toe should have nothing to worry about.

Being the most comfortable cloth, jeans probably won't leave their high position in today's fashion for a long time to come. So far, no other material was able to substitute for them in the daily life of mankind. Although they were intended for work, they now are the haute couture and it seems that it will be until some new and even more comfortable material will be created.