Most of us have seen such a scene: one man rhythmically waving some kind of thing (a watch, most of the time) in front of another's face. Hypnosis is surely something everyone has heard about. But how many of you could tell what it really is and what effect it may have to you? Would you dare to be hypnotized?

Technically speaking hypnosis is a trance-like state of intense concentration that, to an uninformed observer, resembles sleep. There are many different methods of hypnosis and it may be used for different purposes.

Probably the biggest myth about hypnosis is that it may turn you into a monkey or any other animal, or even into an object that is totally controlled by the master, in this case the man who hypnotized you. Do you really believe all this nonsense? Yes, hypnosis may be used to make you believe in something, but it's not powerful enough to make you believe you are a monkey!

Hypnosis is usually used to heal people who are mentally ill. Their brains are defected in some way and hypnosis is sometimes the only way to find out what the problem really and to heal it. As far a man while being in a trance-like state is unable to control him or herself, it's easy to find out what he or she really thinks of one or another thing.

Hypnosis is also a great way to find out some facts that a person can't remember. For example, if he or she has been in a great shock and is unable to remember some facts, hypnosis could surely help, for all the information is in your brain; you are just unable to recall it because of the shock.

It may also be used to make you believe in something. For example, fears. They exist because we believe in some things or because we have bad experience about something. If you are afraid of dogs, because one has bitten you, most probably you won't be able to forget the bad experience and will believe that dog will bite you again; therefore you'll be afraid of them. Hypnotist is able to make you believe that no dog will bite you again and you will no longer be afraid of dogs.

Probably the most mysterious is mass hypnosis. The hypnotist must have an unbelievable ability and talent to hypnotize people if he or she is able to hypnotize mass of people. Usually, even music and dance are used to achieve the effect. It's a very hard task to do that, so it's usually used in some religious sessions, because people already believe in something and it is a lot easier to make a goal.

Hypnosis may be used for various purposes, from good will to heal ill people, to such purposes as having a control over the masses. You won't even notice that you are hypnotized, so it is highly recommended to be careful if you don't know what kind of meeting you are attending. And if you are going to visit a doctor hypnotist, make sure he or she is a real doctor, not some kind of a guru master.