The healing power of warmed stones has been recognized by numerous cultures for centuries. The deep heat of the basalt (river rock) stones penetrates the muscles, providing an immediate relaxation response. Mentally, the individual can reach a state of relaxation within minutes of applying the first stones. This deep state of relaxation usually takes 15-20 minutes to occur in a traditional massage.

Smooth, hot basalt stones are placed on a client's body (which is covered with a towel or sheet to protect the client from the intense heat of the stones). Warm stones may be placed in the palms and/or between the toes. The massage therapist may also use the hot stones to perform soothing, long massage strokes. The smooth texture of the stones facilitates the gliding process. Using various massage techniques & warm stones, relaxes the body at its deepest level.
Hot stone massage is very effective in creating harmony, a positive energy flow, & promotes a sense of balance & peace.