Many young girls dream about a career in modeling. Everything seems to be just so perfect and interesting: you work with famous people, you are famous yourself and you get paid for the work you like, for your beauty. But is everything that nice and beautiful as it seems to be? Definitely not.

The first factor you should consider is the fame you desire so much. It has its disadvantages just as anything else. Your personal life, love affairs and almost every single step will be followed by photographers and journalists. Is that what you really want? It's OK until you get married. But press may start inventing various stories out of thin air and as your family life will be discussed widely, some rumors may cause rows in your family. So the first thing you lose is your privacy.

The second aspect of a modeling career is your education. Of course, it's not common to every single famous model. But for those who have to work hard to achieve high results, education is usually not as important as their career. And only when it's finished with modeling, you start to understand that you don't have one of the most important things in contemporary world. Yet, there are some models who manage to do both modeling and learning. Just have in mind that it's very difficult as you have to travel and that the results are much better if you cope with one thing only.

Friends. Yes, sure you'll find lots of new friends, but the best ones will be lost. It's very difficult to keep a friendship when you travel all the time. Moreover, not all your friends will be willing to keep your friendship as modeling career and fame will surely change you in some way. Not all people desire to be seen with celebrities. Yet, the real ones won't ever forget or leave you. It's a good way to find out whether you do have some real friends.

You'll also lose such simple things as Christmas or birthdays with your family to modeling. That's surely a pity, isn't it? But famous models are commonly invited to luxurious parties that are very important for those who want to achieve more in their modeling career, for you can meet famous people who can help you a lot. However, you always have a choice to say "no" and go back home.

Although for some girls modeling now may seem not as attractive as before, don't forget that if you do what you like and you are smart in what you do, it won't be a torture and you won't lose anything at all. Don't lose you head for being famous, learn to defend and hide you private life, get some education before starting career or do your best while taking both activities. Don't forget to write to your friends and visit them, and they won't forget you. Spend as much time with your family as possible, send them greetings on Christmas on birthdays, call them often and you won't miss them so much. Don't lose yourself, be smart and you won't lose anything.