Spring is a great time to renew your image and try out new things. What items should you have in your cosmetics bag? Make-up artists and designers suggest a bold and bright image for the spring 2008. The colors dedicated for make-up are so playful and bold that you need to be a real fashionista to wear them. On the other hand: let the spring be colorful and bright!

Flushed cheeks is one of the loveliest trends of spring 2008. Soft and cute flush is recommended for both daytime makeup and evening makeup. Pinky peach blush fits even the most bold lip color for that special occasion; it also works well to enlighten natural looking makeup for the day. It's the best way to highlight face features and make you look fresh.

Three big tendencies dominate the lip make-up area. Nude lips effect is still very popular, especially when combined with smokey eyes and natural-looking blush. The trend of nude lips does not mean you can't use lipstick or gloss; feel free to add some color and a bit of shimmer, but keep it natural. If you're not into natural look, you won't miss if you choose classic red. This color is right for every season, that's why it's called classic. If the image of fatal woman doesn't attract you at all, try sheer red lipstick. Be careful about other makeup details while wearing the classic red lipstick: it's a very strong accent and you really don't need black eyeliner or strong blush. The third tendency is the funniest one, because it suggests candy-colored lips. This trend won't look good on elder women, however if you're a teen or if you feel young forever, orange, pink, hot coral and even fuchsia are the hottest colors of spring 2008. A candy color on lips is quite a bold statement, so one shouldn't overdo other details.

Natural beauty becomes more and more trendy. Full eyebrows are the hottest look of spring 2008. They should be well groomed, but excessively thin arches are out of the question. You may even want accentuate them with dark colored liner because the strong eyebrows is going to be the most popular. Matte foundation is another natural-looking trend. You don't want your skin to be glossy on spring 2008. Even bronzers are matted especially if you use them on face.

If bold lips are not for you, bold eye make-up is recommended for this season as well. Both pastel and bright metallic eyeshadows are going to be popular. Pastel eyeshadow is meant to match trendy multicolored layers and floral patterns of clothing. Choose light green, lilac and eggshell blue to achieve the trendiest look. If pastel tones seem to be too boring for you, go for Crayola Colors. Choose only one color as this image is very bold and playful and you don't want to end up looking like anime heroine. Choose shiny metallics and liquid eyeliner for evening make-up. Shimmer on eyelids is the top look for evening as well as the cat eyes image. If shine and sparkles don't attract you, remember the classic smokey eyes make-up; it's popular once again.

Eye makeup is not completed if you forget your lashes. Heavy and even fake-looking eyelashes are going to be the most popular. Remember that the longer, the better, but be moderate. Fake eyelashes are also acceptable, but use only a half of a strip and place it to the outer part of your lash line for the wow effect.