Imagine you see two men standing in front of you. They are both wearing suits, but for no particular reason one of them seems to be more powerful than the other. Where's that secret? How to look powerful even if you're not? It's rather simple. Everything you need is just a touch of some small, but manly and elegant details.

Detail number one is tie. However, having 20 or even more ties doesn't mean you have the tie. Don't be greedy and buy one in some well known designer shop. You won't be disappointed. Of course, choose wisely and be sure it'll go perfectly with your suit and shirt.

Another important detail for really powerful male is cufflinks. The majority of men ignore the fact that it speaks of luxury and elegance. It's a rather rare thing now, so you'll definitely look as a man who takes care of himself. And that definitely makes a good impression.

Well chosen belt is definitely the accessory that will add some charm to any man. If it matches your shoes, you have double effect! A black leather belt with a silver buckle is classic and matches with most accessory (unless you prefer gold).

It may sound strange to somebody, but bags also make men look powerful. It shouldn't be big, just for your wallet, documents, keys and cell phone. It'll make you look like a real business man, which is always respectful.

Watch is a must for every man who wants to look powerful. Moreover, it's a must for any and every man. Of course don't forget to choose carefully, it has to fit with your style and make it complete. Wrong watch will make you look ridiculous instead of looking powerful.

If it's autumn, umbrella is a great way to show your taste and elegance. Back, high quality umbrella that seems to be strong enough for a strong man (you know how that one dollar ones looks) will make you look manly. And there is no need to explain the advantages of umbrellas for two.

Scarf and leather gloves will make any man look powerful. It's elegance and that's exactly the thing that helps in making looks. Of course, you have to match it with your style. If you are not very good at such things, ask some help, because one small mistake may ruin everything.

It's unbelievable but pen is one of accessories that can really make you look powerful. Imagine signing some serious contract or simply a check with colored pen that belongs to your daughter. Maybe it could be a nice joke, but only maybe. Serious men always have at least silver or even golden elegant pen. It definitely helps to create a powerful man image.

Choosing elegant things of high quality and matching them with each other can make any man look powerful. Of course, your character issues are also very important. Standing straight, having self confidence, stating your opinion bravely on any conversation issue is also very important. Don't let it be an image, be powerful.