Decided to have your holiday abroad? There are so many wonderful places to see that you have no idea what to choose? Our world is full of surprises.

The first step to decide on is what you want to see: some ancient wonders, natural wonders or modern wonders. They are all worth seeing, but choosing one of those may help you understand the whole conception of that particular sphere a lot better.

If you made your mind on visiting ancient places the first destination you should think about is Egypt. Here you may find not only one of seven wonders - The Great Pyramid of Giza but also such interesting places as Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, burial places under ground with dark corridors and combs all cowered in ancient paintings.

Another great choice is China, where you'll find The Great Wall, which is the only human building that is visible from the moon, and have an opportunity to visit a number of ancient temples.

Those who find natural wonders more exciting should first of all visit Victoria Falls. No description or photos could substitute for the power of nature you feel while standing in front of them. Another natural wonder that is undoubtedly worth seeing is the Grand Canyon. It's the only place to see how small you really are.

Natural wonders are perfect for animal lovers, so may go to Serengeti and watch natural migration of wild animals. It's for real adventurers, because you'll face lions, tigers and even elephants yourself.

Modern wonders of this world are not popular places to see. Yet, most people have no idea how great they are and what impression can they give. Let's take, for example, the Golden Gate Bridge. Those who live in San Francisco find it daily and non special, but the very first sight may be just as impressive as an ancient temple. Eiffel Tower, the Gateway Arch, Mount Rushmore and similar wonders that man has created recently are just as wonderful and interesting as the ancient ones.

Visiting Hermitage museum in Russia is something really unforgettable. During your trip to Russia you may also visit Moscow, the capital of this huge country, which may be called a wonder itself.

If you still don't think any of these wonders are for you, consider an event being a perfect wonder. Carnival of Rio or Venice may be something especially for you. Streets full of masked people and unstoppable noise will undoubtedly leave great impression on anyone. Moreover, you'll be able to see canals of Venice, which may also be referred to as wonder, or visit famous places in Brazil.

No matter what wonder you choose, natural, ancient, modern or an event, choose things of one kind. It's the best way to understand the whole spirit of nature or human kind in that certain period of time. Don't forget that the success of your trip depends only on you. No matter where you are traveling and what your destination is, always try to see more than traveling agencies offer you.