Renewing one‘s wardrobe is usually a more difficult task for men, since women's fashion trends are a more popular topic by far, they can find many recommendations online and in magazines. However, fashion for males is also constantly evolving and one shouldn't be afraid to try something new on. Let‘s have a look at men‘s fashion for spring 2008.

Plaid fabric is going to be the most popular for suits and especially pants. It's the traditional British image, but it has a new twist, which will attract men of all ages. Plaid pieces are not only for elderly men: the new plaid fabric might surprise you with eye-catching colors, such as yellow, pink and turquoise. Designers recommend wearing one plaid piece at a time: choose either pants or a shirt or a jacket, but not all at once. And if you do choose to wear two or more pieces of plain clothing, refrain from using different patterns.

There‘s another change in fabrics as well. The sheer shirts often seen in Latino fashion takes a step into masses. It fits any occasion: you can choose to wear a sheer shirt under a jacket for a formal meeting and leave your jacket at home for a daring look on your night out.

White suits are another classical detail that‘s going to be at the top this spring. Of course, they are not meant to be worn by anyone, but if you choose to do so, you will definitely look refined and sophisticated. It doesn‘t have to be a tuxedo: white casual clothes are popular as well. Choose a white top to toe look for the hottest spring image.

Don‘t be affraid of pink: it‘s not only for little girls. While women tend choose neonic shades of pink, men should concentrate on light pink clothes for spring 2008. Light pink shirts and ties will be especially trendy. If you want a safer color, choose muted orange - it will be fashionable too.

Patent leather pants will be a dedication to bold men this spring. Who doesn‘t want to look like a rock star? Such a style is sure to attract quite a few gazes and charm everyone arround. If you‘re afraid you‘ll make a huge fashion mistake by wearing these pants, choose a classic combo: black skintight pants and a white shirt. Unfortunatelly patent leather doesn‘t look good on everyone, but if you have a slim build, leave your doubts behind and go with leather. If that‘s too daring (or German) for you, look for accesories made out of patent leather.

The begining of spring 2008 might be too cold for shorts, but it‘s the right time to get into cropped pants. Almost every designer has cropped pants in his spring-summer 2008 collection. If you‘re about to pick a new sweater, choose a buttoned cardigan and you won‘t be wrong. The prep school image is very trendy, men can choose either a one-colored sweater or pick something with funny patterns such as argyle or stripes. One must note that buttoned cardigans work well on formal occasions as well as free time activities.

If you want to be a trendy man, add a bit of color to your wardrobe. Either bright shoes or a neonic plaid vest, if it‘s bold - it‘s trendy. Spring 2008 is the right time to amaze everyone.