Corresponding at is important since models, agencies, photographers, talents and other people involved in modeling industry can communicate and cooperate by using mailing system. While members with Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships can send only several free messages a day, some users find paid mailing unfair and choose to communicate via private email messages. Is corresponding via emails better than messaging system inside of Please, consider several facts before choosing to correspond by private email.

1. Is it a real professional or someone who wants to chat for free? Corresponding via email is preferred by impostors. Real scouts, photographers and industry professionals who seek models on will rarely ask a model to send a personal email message. Professionals using to message models usually have high membership level and they have no need to contact someone via email while there is a convenient interior messaging system. We realize that members from several countries have difficulties buying credits; however, every member of can upgrade his/her membership level and use free messaging inside the website.

One should be suspicious if someone asks for her email address on first contact, especially if the person offers a job with a lack of details and asks to send pictures via email or promises money in advance of vague work. Do not consider sending photos (especially nude/lingerie/other sensitive pictures) until you know where they will be used. Some professionals really need to know how a model looks in such pictures, but a model should avoid sharing photos until he/she is sure the job offer is genuine and fair. Please keep in mind that some strangers may post your pictures on various websites without your consent.

2. What email is given and what agency is represented? If you are sure the job offer is real and the scout or other professional is serious about corresponding via email, take a look at the email address. If a scout represents certain agency, he/she will usually have agency's email address for correspondence. If a person supposedly comes from a certain agency, take a few minutes to check the agency's website. If the name of the scout is not mentioned among the agency's contact information, you should be concerned. It is always worth to call the agency and ask if they work with a certain scout. Better safe than sorry: you don't want to be robbed or exploited by an impostor.

3. Will you be able to use messages from your private email as proves if you get scammed? If the job offer is a scam, if you receive spam messages or someone abuses you, messages on can always be employed against such a person. And private emails outside will hardly be useful in defending yourself.

4. Can we help each other to avoid such scams? is not responsible for activities of each member; however, we want our members to be safe as much as possible. Please contact support team of regarding suspicious members sending vague offers or abusive messages. Note that the reported members are not removed from our website immediately. We often have to watch a reported member for a certain period to make sure he/she violates our guidelines. Even if no evidence appears, we do check every report and take it into account. The support of receives considerable number of false reports induced by personal conflicts that have nothing to do with modeling industry. We do not take measures until we receive evidence that a reported situation is clearly of abusive nature. Do not delete the messages from your inbox - we might need them as proves.

5. What if you share your private email? The support section often gets complains about impostors who pretend to offer a job and later attack models via email asking them to date them or to chat via a webcam. There are even complains on ‘scouts' who urge for swimsuit, nude and similar pictures in order to decide if a girl fits the requirements, but never reply if a girl sends the photos. Misunderstandings like these could be easily avoided if members wouldn't share their personal emails. Please note, that we do not have any power if you are using your private emails. We cannot even use the messages from private emails as proves to at least delete the scammer's profile.

Think twice before moving your chat to private email. No one will help if you are not helping yourself. Please be careful - save your money and your pictures from scammers.