Most women dream about marrying a prince ever since childhood. White dress, the man she loves, a beautiful ceremony, all the attention and happiness. When a girl becomes a woman, the attitude to such things changes, yet, secretly every female remembers those dreams and wants to become a princess for at least a day. Have you ever thought that there actually is one more factor: when you should get married?

This is the age when a female is mature physically and mentally, she has a feeling of responsibility and she is ready for motherhood. Many researches are made in order to find out the best age for women to marry in various countries. It is proven that this age is constantly rising, most probably as a result of emancipation and women raising their power.

This age depends a lot on the country you live in. Traditions and culture are very important. For example, India's best age for marriage is 19 years old, while Finland's - 28. Why is that so? Because girls in India are educated like that, they know that they are women and they have to give birth to as many children as possible, they do not care about money and a house, which is the husbands' business. At the same time, Finnish girls learn to take care of themselves; they know that they have to get good education and a good job, so that their children would be provided with everything they need. Their mother instinct arises later than that of Indians girls.

The lowest optimal age for women to marry is 17 years, in Nigeria. Female function in this country is to give birth to children and take care of the household. There are also such traditions, when young girls are getting married only because their parents tell them to. Marriage out of love is a rare thing there.

The highest optimal age for women to marry is 30 years, in Sweden and Denmark. Emancipation and feminism are popular in these countries; therefore, women are highly concentrated on creating life without any dependence on men. They get education, find a well-paid job, invest a lot of effort in their career and only when they are sure for their living and their kids' future they are ready for motherhood.

The average optimal marriage age is 26 years. For some, it may seem very old, for some - very young, however, researches obviously show that this is the best age for woman to create a family and have children. A woman is mature enough mentally, she has a feeling of responsibility; she's ready to live with one partner. Her body is grown up and medically it is the best time for her to have children. She's neither too young to feed the baby, nor too old to have an easy birth without any complications.

This age doesn't mean you have to wait until when, or you should forget marriage and motherhood if you are older. It just says that you are ready, your instincts, body and mind is best for creating a family. There are always some exceptions of course. Moreover, it depends on your personal experience too. Researches are right, there is such age, but researchers forget one simple thing - love.