Summer is the time when every woman wants to show how beautiful and fashionable she is. Not only clothes take part in forming the style. Accessories are also very important; no style can be complete without a trendy necklace, bracelets or other little details. As far as during this season of the year you have to cover your head for you may get sunstroke. A hat or a bonnet may become a perfect accessory to fulfill your style and express character.

The latest trend these days is a hat made of straws. What you must have in your wardrobe is a black straw hat with wide edges and a rounded vertex girded with a band. This kind of hat is definitely the most fashionable this summer. Although black is very popular, you may choose any other dark color that would fit better with your clothes. If you're planning a trip to the beach where women commonly wear light dresses, pick a white hat and you'll look perfect.

Another fashionable way to cover your head is a cap. Of course you have to pick them very carefully and it definitely goes with sporty style or jeans. Men should pick washed pigment-dyed caps. You don't have to buy a new one and make it look as if it was used for 10 years, you'll undoubtedly find those in any fashionable shop. While men are into "dirty" style, women are suggested caps with flowers. A bright colored cap will surely make you look trendy and add charm to your appearance.

It's a must for a real lady to have a bonnet. It's very hard to define what is on top, because top is originality. Large bonnets of any color decorated with flowers and bands are always trendy; however, you may find something very different and look amazing. Bonnets are not for everyday use. Original bonnet will make you noticeable and complete your style better than any other accessory.

If you can't find a hat or a bonnet that fits to your style or your face shape, choose an original and very practical way to cover your head. Wear a turban. Yes, it's very original and fashionable. You may choose any material and tie it up any way you like. It goes perfectly with any style. Moreover, it creates a characterized style.

Crocheted hats are also popular. However, there is one problem - it's rather hard to find one in a shop, because if you'll purchase not an original one you'll certainly notice other females/males wearing the same. You have to find an originally designed one or make it yourself. You can be sure that if it'll be self-made you'll receive compliments not only for hat but also for your good work.

You have to be very careful while choosing a hat or a bonnet. However, this summer is a great chance to start wearing it, because no matter what you choose - you look trendy. You're already fashionable if you wear one! And you may feel free to experiment with various materials and forms. Being original this season means being fashionable.