Taking pictures is fun; sharing pictures is an even more interesting experience. Either you're an amateur photographer or it's your main source of living, sharing your works is beneficial. Your can print your photos and put them in a photo album, but only your friends and family will be able to appreciate the pictures this way. You can reach a much wider range of people by making a photo-book or holding an exhibition, however not each of us can afford these measures. Fortunately, almost everyone can hold a virtual exhibition, receive plenty of visitors and win recognition on the internet.

World Wide Web gives an opportunity more valuable than a regular exhibition. Posting a snapshot online won't make you an artist, but it can attract many viewers, appraisers and even professional judges. The more people see your works the easier it is to sell your photos. If you are not looking for earnings, think of the recognition you can win. Every form of art requires a viewer, and where you can find more viewers than the Internet connects? Exhibitions attract people who are interested in certain trend of art, certain artist or simply photography itself, but the internet attracts much wider auditory. Are there any other advantages of posting your works online?

Photography websites often provide more than just a virtual space to upload pictures. They provide tools to edit photos and create slide shows, offer prints of your own pictures or someone else's work, organize photography contests - you just need to find which website fits your needs. Attending online contests is beneficial: you will receive prizes in case of victory and more attention for simply taking a part.

Prepare yourself for criticism. Being part of an online community means sharing opinions and different opinions can help you to improve your portfolio. Professionals can help you on technical details and new ideas; regular visitors can cheer you up and point out pictures that attract the most attention. Each review and each comment is valuable if you go deep into essence of the matter. Even negative critiques can bring positive consequences and help you to improve your photos in the future.

Sharing photography online may have unwanted effects as well as positive turns. Be careful and read user agreements before uploading pictures and make sure you post photos on appropriate websites and categories. Your photos might create a negative image of you if manage them without care. Posting glamour/nude pictures is restricted in some galleries, especially if all the images are available for teens and minors; car crash pictures can trigger hate if accidentally posted in "Food serving" category. If you take pictures of people, ask them about posting their photos online. Sign contracts if needed; that might help you prevent misunderstandings in the future. Internet makes you anonymous, but it shouldn't make you irresponsible.

If you don't want anyone using your pictures for one's own end, you have to make it clear in advance. Websites dedicated to photo galleries take measures in preventing image theft. Some of them simply put a watermark on a picture, some of them use programming tricks that disable "Copy" or "Save as..." options, some prevent non-registered visitors from browsing photos, and some of the websites use all the possible techniques in order to keep copyrighted images safe. If you post photos on your personal website only, these measures might be difficult to fulfill on your own. Preventing image theft is worth the investment, especially if photography is your main source of living.

What should you consider before and after uploading your photos? Make sure the website you chose is reputable and protects your rights. If the gallery allows posting 100 pictures a day, it doesn't mean you have to post the exact number of works; upload only the best shots you make. 100 almost identical photos won't bring you fame. Take your time and go over your photos to find the one that says more than a thousand words; mind that technical aspects are as important as great idea. Don't be in a hurry to upload or delete images right after you take them. The best analysis can be done with a fresh eye.

If you chose a public photo gallery website over a personal website, remember that you are not the only one who uploads pictures. Your experience may be valuable for other members and photos posted by your competitors may help you learn new things. Each person is different and each one has a different point of view; that's why browsing pictures can inspire you and give some new ideas for your own projects.