We request an administrative fee for creating and keeping modeling agency profiles at jurgita.com. This fee is for checking and verifying the account information in order to protect our members from spam and fake agencies. The annual fee is $10 for a single modeling agency account. This will help us to stop dubious reputation agencies from registering at jurgita.com and sending spam messages to members of this website. Until an agency is confirmed, its contacts won't be available for members of jurgita.com; however, the agency representatives will be able to send messages.

The system also assists in recognizing active modeling agencies as inactive agencies don't take care of their profiles. Models and other members of jurgita.com don't have to waist their time and credits for contacting abandoned modeling agency profile. Members can recognize inactive agencies as their contact information are not displayed.

The annual fee is there for a reason: it's for verifying information agency provides and checking agency's reputation and actions in past year. Verification process is nothing a legal agency should be afraid of. Each type of profiles requires verification upon registration or information update. Modeling agencies with silver membership and higher membership level have their information examined for free.

All the other types of accounts are completely free.