Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is gone, but his works will live forever. His name is one of the most famous fashion brands; his influence was huge for decades. He created classic clothing, but he was fashion rebel at the same time. Fashion he created is the most precious legacy left after his death.

Even though his parents pushed him to study law, Yves Saint Laurent was too much into visual arts to become a lawyer. His love for fine arts is disclosed in his collections: he used details and style of Matisse, Picaso and Miró paintings on garments he created. The entire collection he presented back in 1965 was inspired by painter Piet Mondrian; the clothing based on Mondrian's canvases was one of the biggest success in Yves Saint Laurent carrier. Saint Laurent mixed colors of collections like a master painter: although he chose numerous rich colors for a single outfit, it never appeared kitschy or obnoxiously bright.

Yves Saint Laurent was cherished for luxurious haute couture works as well as for his ready-to-wear clothing. He wasn't that kind of designer who creates shocking collections that no one can actually wear. He created clothes for people and he got inspiration from real people and real life. He brought Parisian beatnik style on a catwalk and adapted peasant clothing to haute couture style. He is the one responsible for making navy peacoat an elegant detail of women's wardrobe. Leopard prints became popular because they were presented on his collections. Yves Saint Laurent offered see through blouses, safari jackets, but he is also remembered as the one who created the image of powerful woman.

Although Yves Saint Laurent was never really interested in relationships with women, he understood them well. The clothes he designed expressed both strong and fragile sides of femininity. Yves Saint Laurent made pants popular piece of women wardrobe. He convinced women all over the world to make the final decision to throw corsets out. He reinvented a pantsuit and offered it for women. According to his words, woman's femininity blossomed when she was in men's wear. As we can see it in a perspective of several decades, Yves Saint Laurent was right. Women accepted the new image immediately.

Yves Saint Laurent's talent and craving for fashion was so obvious that Christian Dior hired him immediately after meeting him for the first time. Yves Saint Laurent started his career as Dior's assistant at age 18; three years later, when C. Dior died, Saint Laurent became head of $20-million-a-year fashion empire. The great responsibility wasn't too heavy for him: Yves Saint Laurent successfully represented Dior fashion house till the year 1960. It was a time to step further and open his fashion house. Although he left Dior against his will, starting his own business was more successful than anyone could imagine. Saint Laurent's Rive Gauche boutiques occupied the whole world. Each haute couture collection and ready-to-wear clothing was dearly welcomed. He managed to stay on top till he retired on 2002. Versatile talent of Yves Saint Laurent was one of the things that made him successful: he designed luxurious high fashion pieces, sportswear, accessories, jewelry, shoes and even cigarettes.

Yves Saint Laurent abandoned fashion in 2002 with high disappointment. He said he couldn't understand fashion of these days and he was no longer interested in being part of modern fashion world.