Feng Shui principles can help you to choose the right colour to create harmony in your life. Colours classification according to Feng Shui is based on what particular colour represents. Five elements - water, earth, wood, fire and metal can be illustrated by different colour groups and tones. It is very useful to know decorating your living or working place, because adding some of the colours in each space you sort of add particular element.

The element of water according to Feng Shui stand for blue and black colours with all their shades. Blue is also considered as healing colour, it associated with the bladder and kidneys when these organs lacks the energy arises anxiety and fear. Blue is the colour of beauty, but cold. You should avoid this colour in your bedroom if you want to create warm and passionate atmosphere.

The element of wood is repreented by all shades and tones of green colour. Green symbolizes living things so it adds the energy and harmony to your house. It is also very sensual and sexy colour with the meaning of satisfaction and abundance of the Earth.

The element of earth is illustrated by the colours of brown, orange and yellow. Yellow is very suitable in office or working places because it promotes acquired knowledge and seriousness.

All shades of red and pink colour represents the element of fire. Red is considered as primordial colour and very significant to human senses. It activates body with the energy, stimulates appetite and aggressiveness.

The last element - metal is represented by white, grey, silver and gold colours. Gold and silver in Feng Shui science represents the flow of two main energies Yin and Yang. White colour doesnt bring any of emotions, it is a symbol of clearness and purity.

This knowledge will help you to create beneficial space around and fulfill your needs.

by Rugile Kiguolyte