Hat used to be a very important detail of each woman's style for long centuries. Actually, a girl couldn't be called a stylish one if she didn't wear a hat just fifty years ago. What was the last time you saw an elegant woman wearing amazing hat (except the political meetings)? Somehow these days hats are forgotten. The only hats you can notice in streets are sun hats.

Would you dare to be different? A hat can really add something special to your outfit. Hats don't look great on everyone; however you can be the one that stuns people with a stylish fedora hat or trilby hat. How to choose a hat that suits you? It's not a difficult task to do. First of all you need a hat that fits shape of your face. Try on as many different hats as you can. This way you will notice what works for you and what doesn't. If your face is round or square, you should angle brims. Also, choose a hat that is high as it will prolong your face. Remember not to pick up too narrow one; the part of hat which is above your head (it's called ‘crown') should be as wide as your face. Now if your face is oblong shaped, don't even look at tall hats. Choose the one that has wide brims or even the one that hides your forehead. If your face is triangular or oval, you can buy any hat.

Different colors are fashionable every season, but you should rather look for the one (or several) that complements your skin. If the hat color makes your face color to look weird, it's better to choose another one. Remember that a hat should go with your style. If you are not sure how to match your outfit and a hat, match a hat with your shoes, bag or some accessories. Try to pick up a hat color that is similar to your eye color, this will compliment your look.

The third step is to choose the right size. If you need to pull a hat on, it's too small. If it falls off when you move your head, it's too big for you. To find the right size you need to try on several different hats. A single hat can be worn in several different styles. You can change angle of brims for some hats to fit your face better. Some hats look better when they are on the top of a head, while others look good on the back of a head. Some hats look better when you wear them obliquely.

If you are not sure if wearing a hat is a matter of style or a plain disaster, try a different point of view. A nice hat made out of straw can make you look elegant on beach. A trilby hat looks great for everyday and it's very practical for walking trip or a picnic. A cowboy hat or a newsboy cap can add some spices to your leisure time outfit. And if you are invited into formal outdoor party, an elegant hat is the best you can choose to adorn your style.