Many of us seeing strange men in a street caught yourself thinking "probably he is a gay". What traits of a person or cues of his appearance and movements can really cause such an opinion? As a matter of fact there can't be serious list of hints to be really sure judging. I believe there can be two types of homosexuals: one we can call 'rebellious', who always strive to scandalize the people round about with his behavior, manners or appearance in order to be noticed, and the other type which couldn't be recognized outwardly. The other could be normally looking guys around us only with different attitude to their sexuality. But still we can consider telltale signs of such people:

·Mostly too much expresses his feelings;
·Too much touches himself and the other people;
·There is something strange with their walking;
·All the homosexuals are grooming their appearance only it depends on the image they have created in their minds woman or man they are feeling inside themselves more;
·Usually depilate their bodies, moisturize their skin, use self-tan cream and other cosmetics;
·Very concerned with their lips and hair protection and care;
·Vulnerable and sensitive. Especially concerned with their health.

Still everything should be considered just as assumptions; gay community is build from different people and various ethnicity groups from all over the world. They are just as the other group of people who can round up for one interest, attitude or way of living, still they all would be different and each as a separate personality. So, for this reason we cannot be very very categorical judging. There are lots of sensitive, groomed-appearance and sweet-looking straight guys. They can strive to fix women attention with the same so called gay tricks. Well-thought-out phrase that gays are the best women friends has some sense here.

From the other point of view there is another so called wrong opinion about gays � people used to think that homosexuality is an orientation which could not be formed naturally. It is often being considered as a phase or particular period of life. According to such misconception, arose wry opinion that people become homosexual because of their environmental influence and this is wrong.

Usually people are homo-orientated from birth. There is even reasoned theory how this can be. So, that’s why we can trust in some clues of gay’s behavior they cannot act artificially. Researchers claim that the base of brain and fetus is female type at first. And only later a huge dose of male hormones - androgens must change the brain into a male type.

With such an attitude I can confront with a gay guy thinking not about his appearance or behavior but about that little embryonic in a mothers womb.

by Rugile Kiguolyte administrator - according to readers comments and oppinions we decides to update this topic with a new article: "Gays and homosexuals - reality and stereotypes"