A popular question these days is what to choose: modern medicine or traditional medicine. Even though both generally work on a different level, sometimes there are two ways to solve the problem. It is diffucult to say which is better, because there are many variables in the case.

Although many people nowadays discard traditional medicine as "something grandma uses", this is a fallacious argument, only someone ignorant of the topic at hand might suggest. Most alternative herbal remedies are nutritional foundation nutrients, meant to help the body's deepest and most basic elements. Herbal products provide our bodies with nutrients we wouldn't normally get due to our mostly unhealthy diet as well as other environmental reasons.

Herbal remedies can and are used to cure diseases, including heart disease, diabetes. Some forms of herbal medicine improve the immunity of a person as well as help physical and mental health. Many of these products help increase our energy and stamina. There are numerous different variants of herbal products and supplements, and each of them have their different ways in making us healthy.

Are herbal remedies safe and effective alternatives, or just the subject of old wives' tales? According to analysts, many herbal supplements can be good and effective if used properly. Many people take herbal medicines for various reasons. Many are confident that because herbs are natural, they are safe to take. Or people think that standard medicine is too technical, impersonal and expensive, and may have specific fears about prescription drugs due to highly-publicized recalls, such as the removal of fen-phen from the market. However people can overdose and harm themselves by taking herbal remedies if the amount of medicines is improper and the medicine is poorly chosen. Drugs used in traditional medicine are natural, but the influence on human‘s body might be as strong as modern drugs make. Both types of medicines should be used with precaution.

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years by native cultures worldwide. In many poor countries today, herbals are the only affordable alternative. The Aztecs and native Americans have a long tradition of using herbs for medicinal purposes, and many immigrants brought herbal remedies from their native countries to the United States.

However, the widespread abuses made by illicit salesmen and other quack doctors in the 19th century led to the establishment of the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the strict regulation of drugs in America. Herbal medicines are not regulated by the FDA as long as they are sold as food supplements. This situation might and do cause health disorders because some people tend to use drugs as the latter were candies.

Traditional medicine is based on knowledge and expierence of many generations; it can‘t be forgotten just because there are other alternatives. But one shouldn‘t choose between these two options without consulting a doctor oherwise the treatment can cause damage instead of curing a desease. Traditional medicine is not herbal teas or herbs-based pills only, it includes many ways: mud cure, acupuncture, massages and many more.Each of these treatments should be chosen carefully: would you like and amateur to stick acupuncture needles into your skin?

Most of prejustices about traditional medicine are caused by ignorance. But examples of poor practice of traditional treatment contributes as well. Traditional medicine is not a panacea, but it‘s neither a bogeyman.