Naturally your appearance depends not only on the outside factors, but also on your inner nurturance. Thats why all the haircare starts from your health, way of living and knowing some things:

The lack of sleep and stressful day doesn't mean anything good. Eliminate stress and get enough sleep before helping your hair.

Hair loss very often mean the lack of some minerals or vitamins in your organism. Various suplements would be really usefull hoping the best results.

Shampoo your hair with fingertips massage. That helps to stimulate blood circulation and improve the growth of new hair.

Never comb your wet hair, because then they are the most vulnerable.

Never sleep with tightly braided hair to prevent them from breakage.

Alive hair are breathing through their tips and this part needs the biggest care, cut them time to time and use the oil after washing.

Try to use your hair up more often, you must prevent your long hair from environmental damage if you want to have strong, healthy and shiny hairstyle.

Various masks are created to nourish and moisten your hair. It should be used even if your hair are not damage. Try to use masks made of natural products. Find the most suitable recipe or try a combination of few haircare tips below.

Honey, Brandy and Olive oil Mask
Mix these ingredients in equal proportions and apply to your hair. Wrap head with towel or plastic cap in oder to keep it warm. After 15-20 minutes rince thoroughly, then shampoo and condition.

Soft and shiny hair Mask
Dilute fresh lemon juice or vinegar with boiled water. Shampoo your hair and rince it with the mixture. It will add shine and softness, but you should not use this method too often. Once or twice a week is enough.

Deep moisturize Mask
Take one spoon of honey, one egg, one bannana and mix everything. Add in this mixture 5 tablespoons of olive oil. Massage this to your hair thoroughly and leeve for about 15- 20 minutes. Then rince and wash with a mild shampoo.
You may sometimes change the mixture into two ingridients only C honey and a cream milk.

Mask for a split tips
Splits only dry hair. Mix fresh juice of lemon or lime with coconut oil and apply to your hair without touching the roots. Use this mixture few times a week. The biggest effect would be cutting your tips a little bit before applying the mixture.

It's not easy to have beautiful and healthy hair. Ir requires to pay a lot of attention and care to your hair needs. Choosing particular products for your haircare always check the ingredients in everything you are going to use. Prefer natural base in all the shampoons and conditioners avoiding chemicals that only add sweet odour and damage your hair.

by:Rugile Kiguolyte