Fragrance is much more than simple scented liquid; there are many interesting things about perfumes and perfumery.

We can smell perfume because it is very volatile and molecules of fragrance leave our skin easily. They take off bottle or any other surface easily too; this is why you should keep a bottle closed all the time.

People used to use perfume to mask body odor not that long ago. It was because of daily bathing was neither affordable nor popular.

Perfumes come in spray bottles nowadays in order to keep the oxygen from getting into bottle and perfume from getting out in the air, but things used to be different. Perfume bottles used to be made with caps, but this way of storage had some problems as fragrance had regular contact with air. First, it made perfume to evaporate in about a year; second, it used to change perfume's fragrance eventually.

Glass bottles are not suitable for storing perfume because they let the light inside the package and thus contribute in ruining the scent. Exposure to heat causes fragrance to grow worse as well. However, glass bottles are very common.

You should re-apply perfume every four hours in order to keep the smell fresh and rich.

The most famous and the most recognizable brand name of perfumes is "Eau de Cologne". It's manufactured since 1709.

In early days of perfumery, fragrance used to be made out of herbs and spices like myrtle, sandalwood, pepper or cedar.

The smell of perfume will last longer and feel stronger if you apply it on certain points of your body. Nape, other side of the ears, the cleavage, place under each breast, the inside of elbows , back of knees, inside of ankles, hipline and folds of thighs are the secret areas. Armpits are also included into this list, but you shouldn't spray perfume in there if you use scented deodorant.

Although France is called the center of modern perfumery, fragrance become popular and cultivated in this country only during Renaissance (14th to 17th century).

Modern perfume is a mix of alcohol solution and scented oils. The first perfume made by using this technique was created in 1370 in honor of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary.

The smell of fragrance depends of person's diet and medication, because these thing influence body chemistry and person's perception of smell.

Perfume may cause allergic reactions including skin irritation, nausea or breathing disorders.

According to researches, large numbers of Japanese use fragrance to display internal harmony; French females use it for seduction while Americans believe that perfume inspires confidence.

Ancient Egyptians were masters of perfumery; perfume bottles used to be thrown into crowd on triumphal parades of Julius Caesar to show his victories in Egypt.

Scientists believe that smell is the easiest trigger to recall memories; they also say that a scent of a perfume smelled long ago can't be completely forgotten.

The oldest perfume bottle was found in Cyprus island. The fragrance inside was made of olive oil, myrtle, cinnamon, anise, laurel and bergamot approximately 4000 years ago.