Celebrities like to be seen, we all understand that, the question is, rather how they want to be seen: for some it is enough to look beautiful, while others feel the need to look as crazy as possible. By no means, does "crazy" have to be bad, unless of course someone with no taste tries to make a fashion statement - that's when all hell breaks loose.

The first few celebrities are admittedly easy to pick on because of their notoriety both as people and, well, photo opportunities.

Even if I try to set aside my personal thoughts on Paris Hilton, she still makes the list and for a good reason. It is relatively difficult to see her wearing anything more than a bikini (if even that) and during those rare instances when the world does see her dressed (at festivals or, more commonly, seconds before taking them off in a more private environment) her clothes reveal as much as possible (as if we haven't seen enough) and tend to have toxic or just simply obnoxious colors that make people's eyes bleed. I suppose this is all due to her natural habitat, but there isn't really anywhere to go from the point where the least insult to fashion you can manage is due to a criminal conviction. Way to go...

Next we have Britney Spears, the princess of "Worst N whatever" lists. Britney has been on a rampage of inappropriate looks last year and while the drug-abusing soccer mom image renders any and all attempts at looking fashionable useless, I simply can't leave her out. Frankly, I'm not sure where to start: the hats? The ridiculous dresses for an overall look of an under-colored clown? The ultimate goal Britney seeks must be to fit as many non-fitting pieces of random clothing into one image as possible. Her endeavors are always undermined by the fact that on her free time she, like so many others (reluctantly), wears crocks and that pretty much says it all.

One other celebrity who never ceases to confirm her status as someone who has no idea about looks whatsoever is Victoria Beckham. She always went for the femme fatale looks: sunglasses hiding her gaze, an angry look on her face, the ball-gripping posture and clothes to match. Usually she wears something tight and colorful (or eye-catching otherwise) to highlight the fact that she is indeed a woman - a fact questioned by many in the past - as well as to add to the overall independent woman image. The problem is, she accomplishes only the task of repelling just about everyone. Except for David Beckham, obviously.

Among other news, credible sources have pointed out that Kirsten Dunst, the well known actress, may be a terrorist. No award-giving ceremony can pass without her showing up intimidating reporters and fellow celebrities with utterly misguided dresses. We have seen way too much over the years: there has been a blue dress with dolphins, a greenish dress which made her look like a hunchback, a white dress with one ridiculously-shaped shoulder strap and what do we get this year? Vintage a la Kirsten Dunst. It looked sad even though Johnny Borrel's pirate boots helped the situation.

Further down the road we have Janet Jackson, who tries to appear 15, when in fact she was 42. Needless to say, that doesn't work out all that well not only because the whole idea is kind of wrong, but also because of the means by which she does it. Need I comment the photo? This woman needs to grow up and acknowledge that she's not a hot teen anymore (was she ever?). Fortunately, paparazzi catch her dressed fairly well day-to-day, but when she chooses outfits for the red carpet she lets her imagination run way too far.