Halloween brings funny memories, great parties and headache. The headache comes before the Halloween itself, because you have to choose the best costume! The costume must be special and funny; it should preferably be better than the one you had last year. Even if you don't have pretensions to be crowned king or queen of the evening, you can't attend Halloween party with casual clothing.

Men often think that Halloween is easier time for girls, but that's not true. Sure, females can always dress up like sexy fairy, sexy pirate or sexy maid and be the life and soul of the party. But coming up with clever costume idea is difficult anyway.

Think about traditional options first when choosing Halloween costume. They have great advantage - traditional costumes never get out of fashion! They are also easy to find in stores wile some original Halloween costume may be pricey and difficult to make on your own.

Scary costumes are always funny to wear. Vampire/Dracula costume will surely reveal the crazy nature you hide all year round except for Halloween. If demon fangs and goth makeup is not your thing, there are plenty of other scary characters you can impersonate. Zombie, witch/wizard, werewolf, ghost, mummy and goblin are just a few to mention. These traditional choices can be customized to new ones easily. For example, traditional zombie costume became dead cheerleader costume in several past years. This spooky role is especially easy to perform if you have old cheerleader's uniform so you tear it apart; put on some blood-imitating body paint and you're good to scare the neighborhood! Another example of old and modern trends mixing up is pretty easy to guess: Harry Potter costume and other costumes related to Harry Potter movies.

If you don't have intentions to scare people but you'd still like to dress up, choose traditional cowboy or native American costumes. This type of costumes include sheriff (don't forget the badge), saloon girl and Pocahontas costumes. Some people find Indian, Mexican, Japanese and other nationalities based costumes offensive, but Halloween is a nice opportunity to learn more about different cultures, so you shouldn't avoid it or forbid these costumes for your kids. However, dressing up like Native American chief or German beer lover or Geisha may be risky in certain communities. Cowboy/cowgirl costume on the other hand is not risky at all and they are relatively easy to make. Cowboy hat and high boots are necessary while other details like jeans, whip and gun are optional.

Pirate role is classic and loved by both children and adult. Get cardboard sword, pirate captain's hat, eye patch and come to party harbor! Other fighter type characters like ninja, Power rangers and other superheroes are also very popular on Halloween. While Batman costume maybe difficult to manufacture at home and expensive to buy, ninja costume is pretty easy to make. Wear close-fitting pants and blouse and don't forget the mask! Ninja doesn't have to wear black; there's nothing wrong in dressing up as white ninja or pink ninja.

We live in modern times, so traditional costumes like clown and gipsy and vampire are replaced by new costumes. Even costumes of Disney princesses are not as trendy as dressing up to mimic a celebrity. Computer games and movie characters are very popular as well. You will rarely see a toddler in pumpkin costume; parents rather choose Spiderman or Shrek costumes.

Although some costumes are difficult to make, sometimes making your own costume is a better idea. Even if you won't come up with something extremely original, you won't meet another person in the same outfit while wearing homemade Halloween costume.