What to wear this winter? The bright primary colors of the last year are gone, but this doesn't mean that 2008/2009 winter is going to be dull and boring. The hottest looks of winter demand colorful choices, architectural clothing shapes and bold combination of different pieces. Tomato reds, teal greens, indigo blues, subtle tones of apricot and honey and rich tones of aubergine purple are going to compete with come back of the grays.

Think bold when choosing clothing for winter 2008-2009, especially if you're looking for a coat. The shape of clothing should make a statement. Fashion designers offer pyramid shaped coats, emphasized hour-glass shaped coats and dresses, clothing with emphasized shoulders line, tulip shaped skirts and carrot top pants. Shapes like those are very expressive, so the garments are mono-colored or indistinctly ornamented and contain as less decorative details as possible. If trendy shapes are too daring for you, go for compromise: variations of large collars. Knitted or furry, modern or vintage style - collar must be big and make a contrast to either texture or fabric or color of the clothing. Collars are not for coats only; they adorn jackets, vests and cardigans too.

This winter is the right time to become romantic biker. Glossy leather clothing, biker jacket and shiny zippers are the must-haves. But this image is neither heavy nor aggressive; leather clothing is combined with fur, knitwear, see-through fabrics and puffy playful skirts.

Grey used to be the new black on the last winter. This color is very gratifying as it goes well with all the other tones and makes a nice background for bright colors. However, the shades of dark slate grey said good bye a year ago and softer silverfish tones appear to accompany large variety of rose quartz, pale taupe, lavender, lemon chiffon and other beiges. The creamy tones work well all together, but they also compliment rich colors that are trendy 2008-2009 winter.

There's no dress versus skirt discussion for fashion trends of winter 2008/2009. Skirts hadn't disappeared, but fashion designers presented lots of dresses for feminine, femme fatale, prom style or folkloric looks. Favorite patterns for dresses are arabesque and geometric prints. However, the hottest trend is accentuating fabric or texture or shape of a dress instead of accentuating prints. Winter 2008-2009 brings large assortment of dresses: fancy prom dress to combine with petticoat and biker jacket; plain satin dress for extremely feminine image; lacy beaded dress for glamorous look; knitted dress for sophisticated chicks and even layered motley dress for neo-boho image. If you decide to go for skirts, there's nothing trendier this winter than a tartan skirt.

Winter fashion trends wouldn't be complete without knitwear. Knits go with every trendy image of 2008-2009 winter. They make a nice contrast to shiny leather, lacy sequin dresses and see-through clothing; and they look cozy combined with tweed fabrics. Textured knits emphasize the image of sculptural shapes. And after all, knitwear keeps you warm on cold winter.

Chunky jewelry makes its way back on runways and it most likely will be seen on streets too. "The more, the better" and "the bigger, the better" - these are the mottos of jewelry trends of winter 2008-2009! Choose either massive and heavy accessories or a heap of smaller ones.