This spring, beauty trends take on a touch of '50s-style drama and glamour. The perfect hairstyle complement? A ponytail. To get one that looks stylish and sexy, try these tips:

1. Start with day-old hair. Don't wash your hair the day you wear a pony. Your hair's natural oils will help the ponytail hold better.

2. Keep conditioning. Even if you don't suds up, use conditioner on ends to make them shiny.

3. Blow dry for volume. Begin with towel-dried hair. Spritz a volumizer onto the roots, and use a paddle brush to pull hair directly up from the scalp while you dry.

4. Add a little paste. Run a tiny amount of styling paste or pomade through your hair for texture and added hold.

5. Go low. For sleek style, go with a low pony.

6. Or, go high. For energy and bounce (and a great weekend look), go with a high pony positioned at the crown of your head.

7. Brush into place. Use a wide paddle brush to sweep hair back. Gather the ponytail in your hand and secure with a covered elastic band.

8. Add accessories after you secure. That way, you can arrange the accessories -- a scarf, ornate pony holder, or a pony wrap -- without compromising your hairstyle.

9. Back-comb for volume. If you choose a high pony, lift the top of the tail and use a fine-tooth comb to tease the tail at its base. Flip the top section back down and smooth over with a brush.

10. Load on shine. Give your ponytail a finishing touch with a few squirts of shine serum. Add a shot of hairspray to keep any flyaways in place.